Wednesday, February 22, 2017

An Overview On PAYROLL 2.0 In SAGE 100 and Sage100 Hosting Service

You might have heard that the Sage software has been working on rebuilding the payroll module which will be known as Sage 100 - Payroll 2.0. According to the information that has been released recently, it seems to be represented one of the most significant changes in the product in a while. Sage recently published some videos by that we get a sneak peek of what’s coming and here we will explore in this article.

Migrating to the Business Framework:

As you already know that if you're using the payroll module, then it will still work in the legacy framework whereas many of the modules around have been migrated to the more modern business Framework. Sage 100 Payroll 2.0 will be migrated to the Business Framework which will open up the things for the more significant strides in its features as well as capability.

Recently, Sage has published a series of videos that are basically designed to showcase the progress about they’ve made with Sage 100 Payroll 2.0. So, here are some of the highlights:-

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QuickBooks Hosting Pricing

     1.      Payroll Setup Wizard:
A new payroll setup wizard will take you to the step-by-step through a series of questions that will help you in getting up and running with the options that configured the way for your business processes payroll.

2.      Payroll Setup:
The highlights of the new payroll setup functions have the capability to start processing the next payroll quarter without closing the previous one. It also has enhanced the ability to reset the time off hours, has better organization of the tabs and options to turn on the features that match your business requirements, and much more.

3.      Employee Maintenance:
The highlights of the new employee maintenance features include newly added fields like job title and emergency contacts, expanded fields of the employee name, new fields of the medical coverage, vet checkbox and date of military separation, and up to nine separate pay rates.

4.      Payroll Data Entry:
The new payroll data entry process will be improved with a number of new options for enhanced date controls, pay cycle, a hyperlink for accessing the employee maintenance fields with enhanced security right from the payroll data entry screen, check reversals, enhanced payroll memos, and much more.
NOTE: Sage program has not yet published the video demonstrations publically on YouTube or similar platforms.

Payroll 2.0 Release Date:

This new Payroll 2.0 module will be included in the release of Sage 100 Ver. 2018 which is scheduled for the later year. 

Sage 100 ERP has a wide range of modules such as CRM (customer relationship management), human resource, financial forecasting, payroll management, e-business,  manufacturing, accounting, finance and inventory management, purchasing and sales management, etc.

These modules have seamless integration among them and are apt to meet the individual requirements of different businesses.

Apart from that, Sage100 ERP Hosting Service provider will take your business to the cloud and allows you to access it from the web and run it confidently. You just need to have an authentic login ID, password to access your data on the servers.

You can also know about Sage 50 Accounting.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Reasons : Why Do You Need Accounting Software for Your Business?

The best way to finalize the best accounting software for your business is to find out the reasons. Once, you figure out the reasons, search options and implement on your needs so you may make a worthy investment for the accounting services. You always look ease and efficiency in the software. For this, you need to do a better research. Read about a few factors that you should consider before finalizing software for your company's accounting deeds- 

You Want To Avail Great Benefits

There is no denying that using accounting software could be highly beneficial from the very first day rather after a few months or years. This sets your business up for the success and enhances the chances of copious business profits. You do not need using spreadsheets and handwritten ledgers that take longer time.

You Want To Grow Your Business

If you expect more expansion from your business in a short time, use of accounting software is the right choice. It helps to grow your business faster and save tons of time, money, efforts and manual interludes.   

You Want To Do Everything in One Place

If you want to integrate various parts of accounting operations together and wish to automate input data from other systems like ERP, Point-of-sale, CRM etc, you can streamline the process with the software. It keeps entire accounting tasks automated and link the bank accounts to automatically track expenses or income. 

You Want To Switch To Easy Operational System

If you think that your accounting system is too complicated to meet save your efforts, switch to accounting software. Your business may not be suitable for the system you utilize. By switching a compatible and most fitting solution, you can get rid of complex and packed with unnecessary features. The market is flooded with options made specifically for different sizes of business. Choose most appropriate from the list. 

You Want Real-Time Access of Your Information

If you want immediate and on-demand access to your company’s finical data and other important files without physical presence at the work-place, you can think about the accounting software available in a wide variety. Use of the software gives an easy-to-access database of information.
Software like Sage 300 software and Sage 300 software Hosting Services,   is a package of fully automated, highly technological and advanced features. You can run the business just with a few taps in a cloud environment.  But do not forget to search right place that offers great Sage 300 software hosting services and pricing for more functional accounting software.

Note : Sage 50 Accounting Software, also called Peachtree Accounting Software is business management software made by Sage Group.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The New Security Tax Practices for IRS and Software Makers

IRS, state tax agencies and industry partners have come up with plans to improve identity theft protection in 2017. These government bodies have carried the decisions after making important inroads against the fraudulent returns. 

Individuals and taxpayers will become able to take advantages of these new plans. The leaders of private and public sectors have announced that their collective efforts have led to a significant improvement against the prevalent issue of identity theft.

Every year, large number individuals become the victims of identity theft. According to a recent survey, stolen identities have fallen by 50 percent in comparison to a year ago. Individuals, now, feel safe while filing their returns and fulfilling the formalities.

During the press conference in Washington, the summit leaders explained new and expanded safeguards for taxpayers in upcoming year i.e. 2017. The tax season in 2017 will bring more safety benefits and help ensure the authenticity of the taxpayers and tax return.

The IRS commissioner said “Our team has succeeded to make remarkable progress in order to protect taxpayers. Working together, the coalition has expanded the activities in many areas. We are constantly focusing on strengthening our system and processes for upcoming season.

The key IRS statics had dramatic impact on collective ability to recognize and prevalent fraudulent returns. This simply means less bad returns, fewer bad refunds and less risks of becoming the victims. Below are a few examples or the transformation traced by the Internal Revenue Service-
  • The number of identity thefts dropped 50 percent during the first nine months of 2016. Means, less people with the claim of identity theft. Number of new affidavits filed fell to 237,750 compared to 512, 278  
  • Quite a large number of fraudulent returns stopped before they started 
  • The number of bank partners grew to a great extent for numerous institutions enabling constantly improving internal process. Countless  suspect refunds stopped by the banks and also returned to the Internal Revenue Service more than 50%    
  • Both the industry and state partners provided information. This information helped the main body to improve fraud filters and stop other bad tax returns.

Apart from these, many more steps are left to be taken to improve entire tax process during this year. Various new data elements would be added to offer additional information for authentication purpose.
The tax industry will share 32 data elements with IRS and states. The software industry is likely to adopt more technological elements to improved software password requirements. Individuals and tax professional users would be able to make more profits with additional safety aspect.

The software like Drake tax will help the users to protect the tax information protected within high-tech safety environment.

At the same time drake tax hosting services or drake tax cloud hosting solution will emerge up with more technical advancement. Not only drake tax software, other tax solution like Turbo Tax, Ultra tax, Lacerte tax, ProSeries tax etc. will make similar contribution towards safer and more secure process of tax return. 

Security for Your QuickBooks Premier Hosting – A Fueling Business Issue

The internet seems to be connected with the questions regarding security. Any program or service that is running over the internet, raises the suspicion of some kind of threat or attack dragging in. Around all of this, the question arises, 'Is my accounting data secure?' and it is quite obvious.

As the capital and operational expenses account for the major part of decision making for QuickBooks Premier hosting service, still, the security consideration is equally important. Then, how to ensure that your data is safe? 

There are three major points that allow you to be free from this mental turmoil of security regarding

QuickBooks premier software.

1. Physical Security
If you are wondering about the physical location of your servers and the connected security, then physically there are huge data centers that have multiple servers setup at one location. The hosted QuickBooks Premier software is hosted on such servers so that the clients can access from a remote location.
Organizations that are committed to the security of your critical information ensures that all the access to the data center is authorized. The access is usually based on the two-step verifications method that is based on the biometric as well as card-based access. 

Apart from that, this highly sensitive information centre is guarded by CCTV cameras round the clock to monitor the access.

2. Virtual Security

The network security of the hosted QuickBooks is the most vulnerable of all. There is also a provision for the series of firewalls in order to protect the critical data. The intrusion detection systems ensure the complete monitoring of any kind of suspicious activity that takes place. 

The system is completely protected with highly advanced antivirus software that protects each and every bit of data that is stored on the servers. Moreover, the proper 128 bit encryption is implemented at the network end and also the LAN network is clubbed with the proper tunneling. 

Apart from all this, the data backup on multiple protected servers ensures that in the case of any kind of natural calamities, the data of the client will be safe & secure and can be recovered to the mark of their last checkpoint.

3. Trust is Very Important

You have to trust your service provider. When you are considering QuickBooks Premier hosting solutions, so the providers may not offer you any legal documentation for the security of your critical data but they do offer their word. 

Even Intuit inc. states in its documentation that the data may be used for the comparative analysis but the client data will not be accessible to any other firm or to any other unauthorized server personnel. The data lies protected with the hosts. 

 They also may perform some tests in order to analyze the weaker sections of their services. However, by using or leaking out the client data is what will totally break down their corporate image in the market and which organizations would want that.

So, if you are going to opt for some hosted QuickBooks Premier provider, you have to make sure you ask all about the security at both the physical as well as network end and lay your trust on your particular service provider.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Is Sage ACT! Software Best Option For Me?

The best Business Strategies was so much excited about the release of Sage ACT, and they've shared information about the important and some of the main new feature additions with you.
In efforts to provide ACT  users what they want, Sage ACT has made four main additions to their latest version of Sage ACT such as Scratchpad, Universal Search, Integration with Google,  and Sage ACT Connect.

Sage ACT Scratchpad - It is a virtual notepad which is much like a task list where you can capture your impromptu notes, reminders, and phone numbers. So now you can send your items to Sage ACT and assign them to the contacts as activities, recorded history, or notes.

This feature comes in handy when you get a call from a client while you are working in another client’s record, then you can open your scratchpad without having to go away from what you are doing to make your notes, and send it to your ACT.

sage act solution

Eliminate all of the sticky notes that cluttered your desk and be time efficient taking notes on-the-fly.

The Google with ACT - The seamless integration has Best Business Strategies  as we use Gmail as our primary and main source of email. Now our emails sync with Sage ACT and they get recorded in our contact’s history tab. This is a great addition for the massive users of the Google Apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Contact.

During the integration process you can choose if you want your activities to flow from Google to ACT or go from ACT to Google.

The Universal Search Feature - It is a great tool because it offers you a faster search than before. It comes with the ability to search groups, contacts, companies, notes, history, opportunities, and attachments to find the information you are looking for.

If you are looking for a particular keyword and all of your contacts and documents associated with that keyword, so they will appear in the results of the Universal Search.

You are also able to narrow your results by filtering them according to date, or type of what you are looking for. This really helps in the matter of not missing out any information related to your task at hand.

Sage ACT Connect - This feature allows you to take your business work with you wherever you go. This is a subscription based addition, but at a nominal price.

You are now able to access your contacts and calendar in ACT through a web browser from your Smartphone, iPad, or tablet. With Sage ACT  solution, you can also do the same as you don't have to stuck with your PC, you can carry your work with you so that you can increase your productivity.

For the businesses with sales people out in the industry, this is a great feature for them as they can easily and quickly review the client notes and information before the meeting to assure a smooth gathering.

So, now you can easily decide whether Sage ACT is best option for you or not with these amazing features. In Addition to that, with Sage ACT cloud hosting you can enhance its functionality that will be very much profitable for your business.

There are so many sage act hosting provider in market. but few gives good services.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Many Benefits of Using ERP Software for a Business

Use of cloud-based accounting software programs has become a rage today and businesses are rapidly moving towards the cloud to work smartly. The cloud helps the businesses to make more profits from their efforts and increase the reach globally.

Business professionals are now able to transform the complexities and maintain efficacy in the process. Increasing demands for cloud has led manufacturers to introduce advanced and competing business solution.

These days, prominent ERP software named Sage has made it possible to run the businesses on the fingertips.

The motive of why businesses are adopting accounting ERP solution is to track their records and to maintain the efficiency in the work. Many studies have shown software help businesses to enhance their productivity, automate the accounting process, save the time and brings constructive outcomes.

If you have a business, you must choose the excellent a functional accounting tool along with right cloud services that fetch you these following benefits-

The electronic medium does not let you use the pen, paper, or anything. You can do business more easily and send the invoice to your clients in just a few seconds from anywhere.

A few small mistakes can lead to huge loss. ERP software minimizes the risks of making costly mistakes. The software makes it easy to perform complex calculations with more ease.

Track on records:
The software helps you to track the records. You can view who owes your money, how much you are owed and what is going on with your finances. A growing business needs to rely on prompt information and system to simplify the process.

Successful business works collaboratively to produce more productive results. ERP software has exclusive features that help you, clients and team members to collaborate and work smartly.

Complete accounting solution:
An ERP solution is designed to meet every small and complicated business needs. From basic accounting to payroll, the software gives evidence of excellent by working faster and saving a huge time.

Anytime anywhere access:
Flexibility and freedom are two most powerful features of Sage cloud accounting software. You are free to handle the work, make reports, and communicate with clients from anywhere.

Now, choosing the right software provider or right sage hosting solution makes a crucial decision. However, it is not hard to do. Since the needs vary from company to company, you should search the vendor that meets you requirements-

     How much money you want to invest in the software and hosting services?
     What is the type of your business and what are your business needs?
     Does the company offer customer support services to help its clients?
     What are the qualities that differentiate your choice from others?
     Which type of software is the right for your business needs?

The answer of above mentioned questions may help you to find the best service provider. Techarex Networks is a reliable and experienced organization to help small and medium-sized businesses. The service provider has packages that suits your business and fetches tangible benefits to the venture.

Sage 300 ERP Software  can provide exclusive benefits to companies and therefore, Sage could also be the best for your enterprise that help you to develop the system around your needs you will undoubtedly find value.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Customized Infrastructure of Hosted QuickBooks for On-Demand Usage

The setup and installation procedures of QuickBooks have changed over the years including a varied range of usage options available for accounting. Amongst the most of the accounting software, QuickBooks is one of the easily usable solutions in the business market today. However, the complications surround when technical breaches become a spoilsport. 

The setup of QuickBooks on the local computers or on the premise-based servers is a daunting task due to the software and hardware compatibility glitches that arise. In that situation, hosted QuickBooks caters to be a more feasible option. 

This is the first choice of accounting professionals and CPAs as compared to QBO or the premise-based setup.

It has been observed that the reversal time in dealing with the issues accounted for around 30 percent of the time invested in accounting tasks. It is essential to hire a technical expert in order to manage the issues that will save the time, effort as well as any loss of data updates. 

However, this would add up to extra costs if there is not any huge requirement. QuickBooks cloud Hosting is a tech-savvy option for the SMBs (small and medium scale enterprises). 

These remote QuickBooks hosting service providers maintain very large servers within their data centers located in multiple places for redundant backup of the data at various locations.

The hosted QuickBooks appears to be an efficient option for the users since they are able to extend the capabilities of their existing accounting applications. With QuickBookshosting, the users can avail anytime, anywhere usage of the system. 

By this way, the limitations of the office premises can be removed and the users can do their accounting operations while on the go. Apart from that, the multi-user mode can function seamlessly with the hosting services. 

This way, most of the users of QuickBooks can access their accounting applications and work on the financial accounts of the company at any time without having to be physically present at the office premise.
For the accounting professionals running QuickBooks desktop version, the problem is not too intense in switching to the hosting services. Hosting service provides you a way to skip all the IT related hassles including installation, configuration, maintenance, compatibility, updates, and upgrades. 

Application hosting service lowers the excessive costs that are required in set up and maintained by the business organizations. Full-functionality of the system can be availed only when the servers are set up at the company premises and can be configured to work from the remote locations.

QuickBooks hosting environment reduces costs that involved in the setup of the premise-based systems. Besides that, scalability ensures that the business organizations can have what they require at any point of time. Also, the requirements can be customized later on. 

As the accounting environment will be shared, so the financial accounts can be available on demand and the users can easily work on the files or can check their financial records anytime as per their requirement.
QuickBooks cloud hosting service promotes the considerable effect on the basic operations of accounting by allowing various accounting as well as tax applications to work in an integrated environment. 

The process of software hosting on the remote servers also enables a better coordination between various applications that shares common resources. Furthermore, the operational costs, as well as time, is also reduced. 

Application integration in the hosted environment not only saves the costs and IT hassles but it also makes the usage more comfortable. 

Any number of integrated applications can be used from anywhere and all the operations can be performed without having the need to chained to the office desktop or compromise with the employee mobility.
Because of this, the productivity of employees will also be enhanced as they can manage the operations as per their choice.