Monday, January 30, 2017

Sage 300: Preferred Construction and Real Estate Software On Cloud

The construction industry is a competitive industry. And having a right software can keep you ahead of the competition. When you host your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate software on the cloud, then you can expand your workforce and provide a number of great tools to enhance mobility.

So here you will get to know about how you can get more flexibility by Sage300 software hosting service.

Your cloud solutions provide a number of benefits to your business. With Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate software on cloud, you can enhance the flexibility and security of your business while enjoying all of the specific functions of the software.

The cloud is the option for having more control over your software as well as data. By having better access to your data, you can immensely improve your productivity.

Flexibility - In the fast-paced field of construction, it is very important to have the tools to respond to any latest information quickly. When you have your Sage 300 CRE software on cloud, you are able to update your data from anywhere at anytime. You will get the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want.

One of the complications of using a software is the time you have to dedicate to your desk. Because your software is only installed on your system at your desk, and you have to be at there in order to access your data. This also makes more difficult to traveling with your data.

When Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate software is hosted on cloud, you can access it through any device and no longer have to worry about any pen drives.

Security - When you use a cloud hosting service, then you will get a team of professionals who work on your server to keep it updated. Your business doesn’t need to spend its time or resources over IT because your cloud service includes all the maintenance and other headaches.

It means that you are able to enjoy instant access to your data, while your system is monitored as well as maintained by professionals.

They also make sure your hosted Sage 300 CRE software is on a server that is regularly updated with the latest security fixes.

Your business doesn’t have to worry about any loss of business data as there are walls set in the place to keep out the threats. You will also get the backups to provide you an extra layer of security if things were go wrong.

Industry-Specific Tools - One of the most important parts about hosting your software on cloud is making sure that you have all the specific tools you require. If you have managed Sage 300 software hosting service and missing a lot of the features, then it would be beneficial to you.

You will get all the tools as if the software were hosted on the server.

So finally, just put your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate software on the cloud and reap the benefits of increased collaboration as well as unsurpassed mobility.

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Preparing For the Tax Season? Here is What you Should Consider

Most of the accounting professionals are busy in preparing for the tax season. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has announced that the tax season starts from January 2017 and the deadline for filing of income tax can be April 2017.

The coming months will keep the accounting professionals and taxpayers extremely busy. Preparing taxes involves a number of operations to summarize the financial transactions of the year.

Depending on the complications of the income sources and expenses, the efforts and hassles in preparing taxes increase exponentially.

However, there are several taxpayers who file the taxes easily. How they are able to do do that with such an ease? Here are some useful tips by that can be master of the taxes and you can prepare for the latest tax season with ease.

1. Find out Who or What Can Lend You A Helping Hand

Some of the taxpayers rely on the traditional paper filing and some of them opt for a professional’s help and some like to trust on the accounting software. Then there are also some, who go with both, professional as well as tax software.

Now, you have to consider the factors, such as, the time you can invest, skills regarding taxes, budget, etc. and then choose the way that you can go with.

For the busy mates, who have a huge volume to file, going with the accounting professionals which is a good choice. Collaborating with them over the cloud-based tax software will keep you up-to-date with the latest changes in the tax file.

For those who have a smaller budget, so there are several tax software available such as  software, Lacerte tax software, Drake software etc. that can offer cost-effective filing solutions.

There are various tax software with cloud hosting services, for example, you can opt for ProSeries tax software hosting which is one of the most popular choices for the accounting professionals.

ProSeries tax software hosting services allow you to access your software and your critical data from anywhere, anytime.

Another option for the first-time taxpayers to consider is asking a friend’s help. You have to make sure the friend have reliable skills or enough experience.

2. Look For the Updates

Little updates regarding the tax regulations can influence the entire filing for the individual in a big way. Filing the tax returns with older regulations can cause mistakes with the amount, which may lead to the penalty.

So, you have to remain updated with the recent changes so that you will be able to file the taxes correctly and escape from the hassles.

The best way to find the updates related to regulations is to visit the website of IRS. Besides that, subscribing to the blogs and news of accounting, that can offer a great help.

In case you are going to hire an accountant, so you can escape the research work because most of the tax professionals are aware of the changes from the tax regulatory authorities and will deploy them as required.

3. Examine Your Previous Tax Documents

Unless your business or the employment process has not gone under any bigger transformation, so most of the preparation processes of tax filing are going to remain similar. Thus, by having a look at the previous years' tax documents, you can comprehend a basic plan to go with.

By this way, you can even eradicate the errors and delays that might have occurred during the previous filing process.

There are several reasons that can change the financial structure in a broad way. Acquisition or merger of business and filing as married are some of those reasons. Apart from them, going with the regulation changes and you are all set to file the taxes comfortably.

4. Get Organized With the Forms and Documents

Forms that are needed for filing taxes are in a large number, such as 1098 Forms, Form 1095-A, Form 1099-MISC, W2 earning statements, etc.

Depending on various factors, IRS will need you to provide some documents that are related to the financial transactions that made during the year. Get them organized and get your things streamlined and simplified.

Technology can offer you a reliable help with it. Most of the tax and accounting software are equipped with the important features to fill forms and they can even store the bills and invoices automatically. So, there is just the requirement of some data entry you want to do.

If your tax software can integrate with the payment cards and bank accounts, then the need for manual data entry can be further reduced.

5. Beware of the Frauds

There's always rise in the number of tax frauds during the tax season, according to the IRS. For the protection of the taxpayers’ money, IRS constantly deploys various solutions. However, by given the ways in which fraudsters try to target, so it's important to be cautious at the taxpayer’s end as well.

Filing the taxes early is another way to defend the hijacking of tax returns. It is recommended that do not share your tax filing details with anyone without the proper reasoning and devices on which you work with your taxes, that must be secured as well.

So, we hope now you are fully prepared for the upcoming tax season and do your tax related processes comfortably.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Overview: Significance of Personalized Invoices for Your Business

We know invoice is the document billed to salespersons, suppliers, vendors and other service rending organizations. 

The document provides detailed information about the products taken, description of the services, hours invested for a particular work, and other things that relate to a business. 

Invoice is the evidence of deal for transaction between the company and the suppliers of goods/services. When the invoices get received, the payment will follow as per the due date given. 

This is how, it helps a business to maintain pace in the development and reap more profits. Knowing essential aspects is important for you, if you to run an online venture. An invoice reflects these following points-

●    An invoice is simply the showcase of the skills of a business. Therefore, it should be easy to understand, free from errors and should involve important aspects of the service render. Keep it clean and clear-cut.

●    Since every brand has its own tone. You must learn about yours. Your invoice should reflect truthfulness of your brand and must be successful retaining your customers’ satisfaction. Don’t forget to maintain professionalism on every step.
●    Since you always want to encourage the sentiments of your brand, you must go for some crucial designing elements that convey your message to the clients. So, do not undervalue good design or template for invoice.
●    You should be an expert in itemizing or organizing the products/services you sold to the clients. The organization, here, should be clear to clients for what they got for their money.

These four decisive elements of invoices can be measuring factor for your business and also it can be helpful for maintaining healthy relationship with the customers.

Gone are the days when invoices were considered just a paper or document with detailed information of purchased services. 

Now, it is considered as the potential of business and helps an individual enlarging the connection with worldwide customers. 

Personalized Invoices for Your Business   

There is a significant role of personalized invoice for every business. A personalized invoice is not merely a document comes after completion of a project, but, it is an important tool used for communicating with the clients. 

It significantly reinforces service provider’s brand and maintain professionalism at the same time.
Believe or not, personalized invoice can make a huge difference for the way you get paid by your clients. It makes a way to impress your clients.

These days, many businesses are increasingly adopting the technique of personalized invoice for their business. If you are an accounting firm to help a business in dealing with accounting needs, you must hold the expertise. 

It means a lot for your image and procedure you follow. An invoice with client/service name, unique comment section, helpful links, referrals, and other important aspect lets your clients interact you in impressive manner. 

Customizing Invoice with QuickBooks

If you want to enhance your online invoice system and take benefits out of latest technology, go with personalization. QuickBooks is available to facilitate you fully integrated software to personalize invoice, boost your brand, improve client-relationship, and more. 

The software makes it dramatically simple to get started with step-by-step instructions. Anything you want to create for fully professional invoice is available with this software. QuickBooks is just a wonder!

Bill & Pay, BigTime, Anytime collect, SmartVault for QuickBooks are some of third party applications used to add more functions. With all these add-ons, you can make your invoice more interactive for the business. 

Select QuickBooks for your business and get more handy way of getting paid effortlessly, quickly and successfully!     

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Few Pros and Cons of Using Cloud-Based Sage Accounting

Accounting industry is rapidly moving towards cloud to present extreme advantages of fully technological models.  A great number of users have adopted cloud computing to extensively modify their accounting chores.
Many Sage users think of migrating to web-based edition of the accounting solution. They hold a belief that migration to web-based edition is better than continuing with the old version.
Unquestionably Sage is finest for anytime, anywhere access to financial data and applications. However, the advancement of sage software is limited with the desktop only. Hosting, in that case, come up as the solution and right choice to expand the business advantages with extreme functionality of the software.
Many businesses today reap benefits by using sage cloud services for more simplified business process. However, bit knowledge about the hosting services may be a crucial part prior to the selection.
Hosting Sage means that the hosting provider will manage the entire financial data through their cloud-based servers and the services may emerge up as the set of following bad and good aspects.    

Pros of Sage Cloud-Based Application  

     Access the applications anytime and from anywhere. Run the software and access company data files with zero trouble. The feature allows you to work with a single company file from any location
     Businesses with manifold locations and mobile workforce can take advantages of centralized access to the applications and data. This allows all individuals to function as they are at a common place to carry out the same work. You can take the benefits depending on what type of business you have
     No training required for conversion! You do not require any training to avail the features and convert data into existing format. Hosted sage accounting software is the same software you have been using earlier
     Sage cloud hosting allows you work collaboratively. Also, outsourced bookkeeper or Accounting professionals may be able to work on client’s accounts and share the data seamlessly at the time client is working in the system.
     You clients do not need to copy or synchronize the data. Sage enables outside professionals working closely with business strengthening outsourced relationship.
     Sage cloud-based application eliminate extra cost of IT management and on-premise infrastructure. This assist you to focus more on the business rather than technology being used

Cons of Going with Sage Cloud Hosting Services 

     Licensing for multiple user access can come up as a big challenge to some service providers. The superiority of hosting solution may ensure the users about whether the challenges are properly addressed by the service provider. In that case the service provider may go with “LCD- lowest common denominator” approach by offering generic setup for every time a user logs on to its account  

     There may be times users can go through some frustrating situations when multiple user performance and number of servers get affected. Adding the number of customers with a few numbers of users can create problematic situation. It can also create the cost needed to maintain whole infrastructure.
The whole comparison clearly shows that Sage Hosting service has more benefits than the shortcomings. However, there are many service providers on the market that help the businesses to manage the intricacies of Sage software within their hosted environments and ensure delivering high level applications functionality to meet business requirements efficiently.

Making right selection for the service provider should be approached a matter of thorough understandings. Making a viable search over the internet and comparing the service may assist fetching the right choice. Choose Techarex Networks for all your IT, Cloud and Managed services needs.  

Fixing Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax in QuickBooks

The CDR feature not only identifies the errors with using the incorrect payment transaction, but it also fixes your transactions automatically!

Before starting the tasks that are listed below, you should review the settings of the client for sales tax. In addition to that, if the Sales Tax feature has not been enabled then the Sales Tax task group will not display in the CDR.
After reviewing and correcting the sales tax preference settings your client, then you are ready to begin the following CDR task.
Fixing Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax:
QuickBooks uses a special 'Pay Sales Tax' dialog box to record the sales tax liability payments properly. When payments are made using other transaction types, such as Pay Bills, Write Checks, or Make Journal Entries, the 'Pay Sales Tax' dialog box might not accurately reflect the payments.
Fix Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax task will help you in identifying and correcting the transaction when your client paid the sales tax liability outside of the 'Pay Sales Tax' dialog box.
The negative line entry that includes in the 'Pay Sales Tax' dialog box when the Write Checks transactions were created, assigned to the payable liability account of sales tax, and payable to the vendor sales tax.
The properly recorded sales tax payments will have the transaction type of TAXPMT in the checkbook register.
Word of Caution: This is may be a good time to review with your client about the vendor names that are associated with different types of tax payments. Some states may have the same vendor name for the multiple agency tax payments.
You have to suggest that to your client to use a unique vendor name for each different type of tax being paid. This will avoid the CDR which is possibly correcting a non-sales-tax type of the payment made to the vendor.
What exactly is this tool fixing?
The tool will identify and fix the non-sales-tax payable type transactions used to pay sales tax liability by using Void and Replace functionality. The tool can identify the transactions of any Write Checks where the payee is the same as an assigned payee for the sales tax item.
However, this tool will not identify any vendor bill payment checks, vendor bills, or the journal entries that recording payment for the Sales Tax Liability.
If this is your first incorrectly recorded sales tax transaction fixing solution, then you might want to change the 'to' date to the today’s date. This ensures that you are looking at all the sales tax payable transactions that were improperly recorded by using the wrong transaction in your QuickBooks.
Another word of caution: If your client has multiple lines that are recorded on the sales tax payable checks, such as an additional fee for the late payment penalty or other adjustment lines, then you might want to use the link to make a manual Sales Tax Adjustment.
The Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax tool assumes all the lines of the incorrect transactions belong to the Sales Tax Payable account.
Follow these steps to fix incorrectly recorded sales tax:
1. If you are completing the changes as a part of a dated review, then from the menu bar select Accountant, 'Client Data Review' and then launch Client Data Review. Then select the Fix Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax task in the Sales Tax group.
2. If you are not completing the changes as a part of a dated review, then from the menu bar select Accountant, 'Client Data Review' and launch 'Fix Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax task'.
3. Now, double-click on any transaction to see the non-sales-tax payment transaction that is originally created to make sure that it should be changed to the Sales Tax Payment. Then make note of the check number or the check date.
4. Put a checkmark in each of the transactions to be fixed. (This is optional) Use 'Select All' button or 'Deselect All' button to streamline the process.
5. Click on 'Void & Replace'. Then CDR will create a new Sales Tax Payment transaction, and it voids the original 'Write Checks transaction' or can Make General Journal Entries transaction.
6. Now click on Proceed to the 'Fix Sales Tax' message that displays to continue with the change, or you can click on Cancel to return to the CDR tool.
7. To close the message indicating that the transaction has been fixed, click on Ok.
8. Click on the 'X' which is on the top-right corner to return to the CDR Center.
9. Return to your checkbook register icon on the Home page and look for the check number or date or both to view the original transaction that voided and then the new transaction will be created as a Sales Tax Payment type.
With the Void and Replace functionality which is included in the Fix Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax tool, you will be assured that if your original transaction marked as cleared in a bank reconciliation, then the newly created Sales Tax Payment transaction will be marked as cleared too.
Apart from that with QuickBooks Cloud Hosting , you can have a hassle-free experience. Furthermore, you are not stuck with your office PC. Your data is securely stored in the cloud, not at your office system. So, it makes easier to access your QuickBooks and company data from anywhere, anytime if you have multiple locations or you are on the go.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Secret Techniques - Sage 50 Accounting Software On Cloud

If you are fond of your Sage 50 Accounting software, or any other accounting or construction software, then you should be able to use it anywhere. The cloud technology allows you to take your solutions with you anywhere so you can raise your productivity. It's important to eradicate the issues with the connectivity and make your data available all the time.

When you need a solution to travel with data during the workday, so it is important to go with the service that will provide you the right tools. For example, for the construction industry, traveling is a natural part of life.

While you have the office to keep tracking of all your data and use your Sage 50 accounting application, then you are often expected to be at various construction sites.

The cloud technology extends your access to the software you want to host. The private cloud is the best option for cloud hosting as it comes with various features that provide you more control over your software, remote access, and security.

With the private cloud, you can use your  sage 50 cloud accounting software hosting from any location. It is a great alternative to QuickBooks as it is an ideal option for the construction industry.

Sage 50 for Accounting and Construction

Sage 50 accounting software is great because it is used to keep tracking your specific expenditures and earnings you made. Sage 50 accounting software comes in various editions that are specific to different regions across the Globe.

In U.S. Formerly known as Peachtree and in Canada formerly known as Simply Accounting are equipped with essential tools for the construction industry. The best part of the private cloud hosting is that you can take those tools with you wherever you go.

Most often, the web-based software provides weaker versions of what you love. It becomes trouble in implementing every single feature that you want or required. With the private cloud, you can host your proprietary software so that you can get the exact tools that you required.

When you have sage 50 cloud hosting services providers, you can access all of the features as if they were hosted on your own servers.

Your cloud server provides you the same feel that you have grown used to. You get the complete control over your software on the private cloud. The public cloud often makes their basic solutions so that they can fit for the widest audience.

With the private cloud, you'll get the specific software that is only accessible by your approved users. You will always know about the status of your cloud and the data you hosted.

You need specific hardware to use your Sage 50 software. For example, you cannot get the software on your phone, tablet, or  Mac. But by the cloud, you can get rid of those issues by making your hosted software available through any device.

It offers you more flexibility if you have to work from home or from anywhere you want. It is easy to access your Sage 50 accounting software without worrying about any type of compatibility issues.

Friday, January 20, 2017

All About Scheduling the Recurring Invoices in QuickBooks

If you need to send out the invoices on a regular basis, then QuickBooks makes it easier to set them up automatically. You just need to schedule recurring invoices.
For example, if you have two customers, and you provide breakfast pastries for their offices every Saturday. Then, it’s always the same order, on the same day. You want to email an invoice to your customers automatically every Monday for $100.

For Creating a Recurring Invoice :-
You have to select Gear, then Recurring Transactions, and then click on New. After that, for Transaction Type, select 'Invoice' and then click on OK. Then, for Type, select  'Scheduled' and then select  'Automatically send emails'.
Now, complete the rest of the form and then click on Save template and repeat the above steps for each customer that you’d like to create a recurring invoice for.

Automatically CC Yourself :-
As a sanity check, you need to set QuickBooks to automatically email you a copy of all the sent invoices. For that, you have to select Gear and then click on Company Settings. And then, select Sales, Messages, and then click on 'Email me a copy'.

To Confirm the Invoices were Created :-
Okay, now if it’s Monday. Then, last Friday’s pastries were delivered and consumed by them as well. Now, how do you confirm the invoices were created? For that, here are the few ways to check.
     When you check your inbox by yourself, and you should have received a copy of every invoice that was sent.

     View an automatic transactions report which is grouped by customer. For that, go to the left nav. Bar, select Reports, and click on the 'Go to report' field and then select Recent Automatic Transactions.

Now, select Customize, click on Rows/Columns which is in the left column. Then, for Group By, choose Customer and click on 'Run Report'. The report will show two invoices for your respective customers.

To save the report for future use, then click on 'Save Customizations'. You can also print it, email, and export the report to the Excel.

To view the customer page and invoice :-
First of all, select Customers from the left nav. bar. And then click on the customer with the recurring invoice. Then, you will see Open (Sent) in the Status column. Now, click on the invoice and you’ll see a Last Delivery timestamp.
Notes :-
     If you don’t see that option, then you need to select 'Form Delivery' and then select 'Copy me' on all forms sent by email.
     Recurring transactions feature is available in QuickBooks Essentials and QuickBooks Plus only.
     If you want to try recurring transactions by using sample data, then you can check out the QuickBooks test drive.

Hopefully, now you can easily tackle tasks related to scheduling of recurring invoices in QuickBooks.
Now, the majority of business owners are operating through the cloud, you can also  opt for Techarex Networks QuickBooks cloud hosting service to avail various benefits and can have a hassle-free experience.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

QuickBooks Hosting : A Blessing for CPAs and Bookkeepers

Usually, a CPA or bookkeeper leads a quite difficult life. As an instinctive approach of humans, they always have been looking for an easier solution to their problems but thanks to modern technology. The QuickBooks hosting service platform has made the lives of the CPAs and Bookkeepers easier.

QuickBooks Cloud hosting has become dominant. Generally, there are two main things that are essential for hosting QuickBooks software on Cloud. The hosting service is usually cost-effective and provides guaranteed security with a number of amazing features.
The service needs to be cost-effective as the amount you pay for hosting the service will be recurring in nature. In addition to that, it should be highly secured as your work related crucial data is available in a cloud account for access.
If you are looking for a QuickBooks Cloud hosting service provider, then you need to consider some important points such as:-
     Security and Trust - Data security and its management are the most important concerns for any CPA or Bookkeeper of a small or medium business. Before selecting a hosting service provider, you must need to make sure that they regularly back-up the data and also monitor the data frequently for security concerns.

QuickBooks on Cloud  is more secure with the features like firewalls, backup & recovery, encryption, and usernames & passwords.

     Economical - Most of the QuickBooks Hosting services on the web offer monthly subscriptions. So you just need to pay the fees on monthly basis.

Apart from that, you have to make sure that you choose an economical service provider that offers you all the specific features according to your requirement.

     Easy to Access - You will probably need to access your data on cloud account at the different locations and different time. Your selected hosting service should offer the ease of access to use your cloud account from anywhere and at anytime you want.

 Any authorized user with an internet connection and a compatible device can access your QuickBooks on Cloud. You should also look for other options for the group projects so that you can keep connected with your workgroup.

     Reporting Facility - A good QuickBooks cloud hosting service provides you the facility of generating reports relating to your work for different term basis. It also has some configured options to document all the data and facts.
This leads to a greater ease of work for the CPAs and bookkeepers, as they no longer need to give strain to their brain for searching data. 

     Ability to integrate the data - You will probably use an online tool to store or manage your work-related data. When you opt for a hosting service for QuickBooks, then you'll need to transfer the data to the cloud service.  So the hosting service should provide the ease of integration with other online software tools as well.

So, if you are a CPA or a bookkeeper who is looking to make life easier through a QuickBooks hosting service, then you definitely need to select the best service provider by keeping the above points in your mind. Make the right choice, move to Techarex Networks hosting.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Simple But Effective Safety Measures To Secure Your Company’s Financial Data

Company’s financial records are the most important things to determine its position and growth.  It helps you to maintain smooth operations for the business and develop huge profits with no inflexible endeavors.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain proper security for financial records. Security is important not only to keep data away from unwanted hands but also for unforeseen circumstances.

Once you lose the records, it becomes hard for you to achieve lost profits. So, what are the best practices to go for the data security? How can you be stress-free by keeping the records at the safe place?  How can you be sure that all sensitive information does not go for wrong use?

In this blog post, you will read crucial techniques that you can adopt to save data and access it freely. Take a look at the practices that you should consider-

Create Access Restriction Features to the Company Data
If you have a big organization with sensitive information, QuickBooks enterprise is the suggestion. Prepared with ultra-high technology, the accounting software comprises features to keep all data saved.
You can enable restricted access to data in a particular number of people. Not only this, you can only restrict access of components depending on the user’s login.
Restricted access is possible with QuickBooks enterprise. All you need to do is modify user permission to preserve crucial components of your financial records. So, give access to a few people (CEO, Accountant, CFO and other) and avoid getting your company information misused.
Intuit’s QuickBooks is an excellent software with this best practice of data security and user access management. If you have not gone for QuickBooks enterprise, go with it and take a big step towards ceaseless business profits.
Go for the Accounting in a Dedicated Space for More Security 

Company financial records are confidential of course. The person handling financial matters should have privacy and restriction from unauthorized parties. Involvement of any other person can be a loss!  QuickBooks enterprise hosting can help you in this matter. You can provision user based, role based access restrictions or grant only the accountant to access the data privately in a dedicated space.

QuickBooks values preservation of all facts, figures, elements and other components of your company data.  The accounting software with best hosting services allows your accounting staff and specific individuals to always to view the information.

Therefore, you do not need to lock the computer and restrict one for not looking at the computer screen. This is the potential advantage you get by best accounting solution in the United States.

The software has many features. It keeps management and accounting staff in a separate area and helps your business to be run safely. So, you can allow all employees to work in the same place, but in a different manner.

Be Specific While Selecting the Cloud Hosting Service Provider 
You should not take the risk of keeping the data in your local office as it can be a big risk to your business. Since you use QuickBooks enterprise, your data is in safe hands. But, there is no surety for outside influences or natural disasters like flood, tsunami, fire, earthquake, hurricane and burglary.
In that case, you need to get a backup of the company data and save it to multiple, secure locations for re-use. Storing huge amount of data at multiple locations needs a lot of expense and equipment too.
Choosing QuickBooks hosting services from a right destination can help you deal with it. Besides, you can go with Techarex Networks.
Techarex Networks takes security as major concern and ensures high level of data safety governed by industry endorsed security policies built on very secure architecture in the regulatory compliant datacenters. It has multiple datacenters where your data is kept safe. Your daily data is backed up within every 24 hours and synchronized at all data centers. These data centers are equipped with biometric and keycard access to allow access to specific individuals. Techarex Networks has a team of highly qualified individuals who are always ready to help you out with any QuickBooks or cloud products, managed services related issues or requirements.
Consider these important safety measures to run your business with zero hassles and complete peace of mind.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

QuickBooks : A Look on World’s Best Accounting Solution

Over the period of time, cloud accounting has been making a buzz. QuickBooks has been in limelight and helping industries with its excellent accounting features. Businesses prefer QB (QuickBooks) over many other accounting solutions available in the market. 

The accounting system works in the multi-user environment as SaaS (Software as a Service).  It brings various lucrative advantages to run a business in successful way.

Studies claim, Intuit invented business accounting solution covers 90% of the total market in the US. Besides, the software is all set to target many other countries to help businesses.

There is no doubt that the manufacture offers genuinely effective and functional accounting solution. Hosted QuickBooks accounting solution aims for easier accounting process through following features and benefits-

     Checks- printing
     Managing invoices
     Easy-to-use interface 
     Tab-based web pages
     Maintaining cash-flow
     Real-time data access
     Complex tax tracking
     Automatic reconciliation
     Cost-efficient accounting
     Complete data security
     Automated accounting process

These are just a few features of the hosted QuickBooks application. QuickBooks hosting along with these attributes make it easy to run a business smoothly.

Many small and medium-sized businesses get attracted with the sophisticated benefits of the software. But, it requires a little amount of accounting knowledge to make these capabilities work.

You need to be familiar with the functions of the application. It is the crucial part which ensures that you don’t make big fiscal mess to the business. The software is available in various versions like- QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant.  

All these versions carry different benefits to different businesses. QuickBooks is one place to find a wide range of lucrative features to manage the business in better way. Many CPAs, bookkeepers, and accountants have made QuickBooks their choice, which saves time and helps to manage additional clients. According to a recent report of Accountex, QuickBooks by intuit is the best operational tool which helps small and medium businesses to grow faster and create brand value.

QuickBooks hosted in the cloud has become prevalent. It allows the users to access a huge amount of data hassle-free and save data on local servers.

These servers are managed by the professionals and makes better choice over on-premise IT infrastructure. So, if you have not considered QuickBooks hosting services for your application, you must go for the same.

Using QuickBooks will help you minimizing the business risks and running a business smoothly. However, you will need to be specific while selecting the QuickBooks hosting provider.  
Techarex Networks is a good choice to use your QuickBooks application within hosted environment. We help business to turn profitable business with our crucial hosting solution.

Our customized hosting services are under budget, offer great packages, technically-expert hosting solution, competitive services, maximum uptime and more. Log on to our website ( ) and check our affordable plans out!