Wednesday, September 30, 2015

QuickBooks 2016 vs. QuickBooks 2015

With the recent launch of QuickBooks 2016, Intuit has come up with many striking features for the accounting software to help users have a better QuickBooks experience. The latest desktop accounting software for Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise solutions shares the same interface as the older version; still the improved and superior features make it exceptionally distinct from the previous. Below are some of the key features of the different editions of QuickBooks and the highlights of the difference between QuickBooks 2015 and QuickBooks 2016

A dashboard feature named Bill Tracker is an addition to the QuickBooks Hosting 2015. It allows user to check the status of all kinds of money-out transactions, including purchase orders and bills. 

Easy clearance of unused transactions has been made easier in QuickBooks 2016 with the addition of a new feature named Bulk Clear Send Forms. It lets you get rid of massive chunks of transactions stored in “Email Later” flag.

In the last version QuickBooks 2015, users were required to enter the date in a Year-to-Last Month analysis. However, with the new edition QuickBooks 2016, you just need to select "Fiscal Year-to-Last Month" and the data will be available. The generic date in the software will display all the data for the entire fiscal year except the transaction details of the last month. 

Label Printer Support feature added in the new version 2016 facilitates one-up continuous feed labels. In the older versions, only Page-oriented (Single sheets) and Continuous (Perforated Edge) printers were supported.

QuickBooks Hosting 2016 features also include a New Verify/Rebuild Feature. With this feature, you can review former Verify and Rebuild results.  On selecting this feature, two screens will flash on the screen. The errors found, errors fixed besides errors which could not be fixed – all will be displayed on the two screens. 

Also, there has been a significant upgrade in the 2016 version of QuickBooks Enterprise. Besides the enhancements like Bill Tracker, Bulk Clear Send Forms, Fiscal Year-to-Last Month report filter and Label Printer Support, QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 boasts QuickBooks Statement Writer Support for Microsoft Office 2013, Custom Field Filtering on Item Reports, Column sorting on Payment screen. 

All the features introduced in the QuickBooks 2016 make it a more efficient and accurate accounting software for all kinds of small as well as medium businesses. So, upgrade your current edition of QuickBooks with the latest version QuickBooks 2016 today and have a better QuickBooks experience. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Intuit Releases QuickBooks 2015 – Crucial Aspects You Need To Know

In the year 2014, Intuit had released a new version of QuickBooks called QuickBooks 2015. It is an enhanced version of QuickBooks 2014 with improved features. The company has made changes to almost all the versions including pro, premier, accountant and Enterprise. 

Here are some qualities of the QuickBooks 2015 version:

Major changes include: 

Improved income tracker
In the 2014 version, the user can only see the status of unbilled transactions. The new version has come up with an option that adds time and expenses transactions. This is helpful in identifying the project time remaining to be billed. 

Pinned notes 
The new version allows the user to pin a note for customers and vendors. Now you need not select “Notes” tab to view any note. 

Multi-User Admin 
 Sometimes it is required to be in single user mode even if you’re working in multi-user mode. QuickBooks 2015 allows admin user to see the logged-in users and terminate them even if they are working without saving the data.

Flags on Billable Time & Costs 
The billable time & costs feature lets you know the job or customer you are creating sales receipt for. QuickBooks 2015 allows you to see previous entries in each tab (Time, Expenses, Mileage & Items) besides adding newer ones.

The Insight feature added to Homepage is available with all versions of QuickBooks Hosting 2015 desktop. It shows a snapshot of your client’s overall business health (a concise & interactive snapshot).You can quite easily customize the information to be displayed, besides viewing or printing the selected information.

Much Improved Registration Process 
It’s a minor change though. You can now have the leverage to paste the license number without having the need to enter or type the same one by one.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Skills Every SharePoint Administrator Must Know

Are you thinking to be a SharePoint administrator? It is quite hard to learn the skills, unless someone has an interest in the area. It’s a complicated technology that needs you to focus on the course from beginning; else you may fail to attain the target. It is important to have a basic knowledge regarding troubleshooting. In the absence of such basic knowledge, it is not possible to troubleshoot the technology. 

When someone plans to implement SharePoint, the role and responsibilities come in mind. Here are some of the technologies that a SharePoint administrator must know:

  • DNS

To understand how to look up the hostnames for web application, it is important that you must have knowledge regarding DNS. Besides, the SharePoint administrator can also look up troubleshooting issues with nslookup. 
  • Active Directory 

A SharePoint administrator needs to have a basic understanding of active directory. In case, he/she needs to work with users or has to manage user profile service, it is important for him/her to have in-depth knowledge of active directory. 
  • Virtualization 

He/she needs to provide details on how virtualization can make an impact on the SharePoint, in case it is needed for SQL servers and SharePoint servers. 
  • Troubleshooting Experience 

IT systems include multiple ways to solve problems and troubleshooting. As SharePoint is built on different components and technologies, it is important that the administrator must have skills to resolve application and performance problems. He/She must know where to look out for issues and handle them easily. 
  • PowerShell Experience 

Being an administrator, you can deploy and manage entire Microsoft server products with Powershell. This is a powerful tool needed for scripting and repeated SharePoint installation. 
  • Experience in .NET Development 

SharePoint is based on .NET web application and there may come a condition when having knowledge or idea about this background may help a lot. Moreover, if you have an idea about debugging and programming, you can easily track or identify the errors. 
So, if you are thinking to be the SharePoint administrator, you can be a successful one only after developing such skills. 

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Why the next version of SharePoint will work best in a Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft always comes up with the latest version of SharePoint and recently it has introduced SharePoint 2016. It has new features and advanced qualities that make it work best in the cloud. 

The beneficial features of SharePoint include support to large files up to 10 GB. Along with, it has a new app launcher that makes it possible for users to open applications and access them from the navigation bar inside the SharePoint. In this manner, SharePoint has simplified the controls of sharing files and folders. 
Adding on, the release also improves the experience of Smartphone users with controls that support the touch in a better manner. The hybrid cloud makes it possible to utilize both on-premises and cloud components as it best fits in the business. 

What else you can expect from SharePoint 2016?

By using this, you can improve collaboration and enhance productivity in the workplace. Besides, Microsoft has added further features:

Document Sharing 
When someone has to share links or any document with outsiders, it might be difficult in other versions of SharePoint. But in this, you can share the content on cloud through multiple devices. Moreover, video sharing also becomes easy through video sharing portal. 

Improved versions have a search option enhancing experience. The users of Office 365 are finding it the best and ultimate choice to get desired and relevant results. The user can expect more recommendations to create defined and personalized search result. 

Business Intelligence
Power business intelligence will be the major key point to draw the attention of SharePoint online customers. In fact, the new version has improved a lot. 

So, with all these and other amazing features, you can take an advantage of private and public cloud in a single package and recover data. 

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Is Quickbooks Online the Best Accounting Software

Are you still using the old tools and techniques to manage your entire accounting? If yes, QuickBooks is a perfect solution to accomplish the job in less time while saving bucks on the employees. The software has lots of functions and all of them are quite beneficial. 

It’s not just an updated version of excel but has more features that can increase your business profits. 
Here are some of the great features of the product: 


When you get paid for the services, this is quite beneficial. QuickBooks Hosting track the cash or amount that your business make, so that you can better take decisions and generate more profits in the business. To do this, invoicing is the best solution. By putting them on the top of the QuickBook, you can pay back easily and maintain the records of payments. Also, the software link to the Intuit payment mode and therefore it allows the customers to pay you directly. 

You can email invoices directly to the clients, who can further pay back you online. The software update the content automatically on the system immediately after payment is made.

Mobile Expense Tracking 

Most of the purchases happen during business hours that may be small but needs to maintain records. QuickBooks work with mobile camera and you can capture the receipt while you are on the go. You can tag and file the receipts on the phone. 

Accessible from Remote Location 

By allowing remote access from multiple locations, it makes it possible for the accountants to check out the books even when you are on a vacation or a tour for business purpose. 

Income Tracker

Income tracker is an advanced tool in the software allowing the user to check out invoices that have not been paid. So, you can check out that through a simple report. With this, you can easily resend open invoices and print the list of transactions. 

This is perfect software for almost everyone involved in the job of handling matters related to finance. In fact, Intuit has made it popular by adding more features to the product. With a little bit of practice, the user can use tools and get a grasp on day to day operations. These features turn the QuickBooks the best online accounting software

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Benefits of cloud computing to the e-commerce industry

Technological advancements have changed the scenario and the way to spend a great life. Now, the innovations have made it possible to get most out of E-commerce industry that has already grown and is still growing with pace. As the concept of E-Commerce totally depends on the internet, it has become important to stay ahead with modern trends and innovations. So, the question is what’s trendy in the market right now and can help in growth of a business? Well, that’s the cloud computing that is regarded as a profitable investment in business.

However, the major reasons are low rate and quick response to the market opportunities through cloud computing for which it is attracting masses towards it. As there are multiple solutions, so the IT leaders need to research for all available options and reach to the decision that best meets the need.

In this blog, we will talk about a few benefits of implementing cloud computing solutions in Ecommerce industry:

  •  Helpful In Dealing with Peak Consumer Demand
Scalability in the cloud is one of the most beneficial qualities that help the business in dealing with more customer visits and activities in a dynamic environment. Because the users are not restricted to certain servers, you can utilize the resources and scale them up in any other active sessions. The best time to use them in conditions when demand rises. Therefore all the resources are utilized in a better way and turn out to be beneficial for the business.

  •  Cost Reduction
Cloud computing is based in pay-as-you-go basis. This implies that you need to pay only for the services you actually need. Besides, if you consider other expenses like maintenance and implementation of additional equipment, Cloud computing is far economical as compared to maintaining the servers. Even without any professional assistance, you can easily handle issues and manage entire database. So, cost reduction is one of the major benefits of implementing cloud computing in the ecommerce business.

  •  Competition in the Marketplace
 Because the cloud computing is operated on the basis of subscription models, each business can afford it. So, it enhances the competition in the marketplace as who can better take an advantage of the technology and reap profits. The Ecommerce industries can choose among a variety of options and excel in the competitive marketplace.
  •  Easy Data Recovery  
There are chances of data loss due to power failure or any fault in the system. The cloud computing overcomes the issue by providing data backup recovery solution. So, when you will operate or run your business on cloud, you can relax and continue the job as there won’t be any chances of server breakdown or power failure
  • Easy To Access
Because the Ecommerce industries are now running on the cloud, so the users can easily access data and important information by simply accessing through any web browser. This reduces extra cost to set up infrastructure and make payment for the same.

Cloud computing has open a wide range of opportunities for the Ecommerce industry and is still expanding itself to turn the job easy and simple in future.

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