Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Flashback 2016 : 12 Big Things That Happened In Accounting World

With every passing year, accounting becomes more advanced and adopts new technological aspects to make business process easier than before. Year 2016 saw a number of changes in accounting world and gave an assortment of exclusive opportunities so business owners can process their business effectively.

Fruitfully, business-owners, with small and medium-sized ventures, became able to increase efficiency without any hard efforts. Want to know about those big things? Here, we have a blog post which gives you an overview on changes that took place this year- 

JANUARY: FreshBooks- The New iPhone Application

The year started with a big buzz of FreshBooks. The application was launched for the use of iPhone users who look to connect their business with their phones. The major purpose of this new iPhone application update was simplifying some business processes that include creating invoices, capturing expenses instantly, and tracking time for later billing in order to shorten accounting burdens. 

Sending invoice by emails, receiving payments, previewing PDFs, previewing receipt captures from expenses became easier with FreshBooks. Also, the application had an attachment receipt button to enter receipts on computer then capture it using the phone and new credit-card reader for accepting mobile payments for simplified business work. 

FEBRUARY: Sage’s Announcement of Partnership with Apple  

In beginning of the year, iPhone and Sage came up with news of their partnership. This arrangement saw both of these companies collaborate on providing best accounting tools to both- small and medium-sized businesses.

The manufacturer also released Sage Live Product available for iOS that was designed to help small & medium sized businesses via iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches. Sage’s major motive to launch this product was to provide real-time decision-making, reduced cost and democratic access to business management tools.

MAR: MYOB’s Launch of Wide-Ranging New Feature for Its Version 

MYOB made an announcement of adding several new features for its Bigger Business version 18 months after its release. MYOB Advanced Customer Portal consists of features that simplify customer administration by enabling a portal. 

The launching organization of MYOB confirmed that customers would be able viewing the invoices, statements, placed orders, mobile application for iOS & Google Android, users can get ERP as well as CRM functionality at any moment. 

APRIL:  Reckon Goes Live With Payroll Software 

Finally, in April, Reckon announced the launch of its long-awaited payroll software. The software was a perfect fit for both the small and big businesses. The major motive of launching the software was to offer technological advancement so the business with several accounting tasks can save huge time without dropping the precision.  

The manufacturer announced that the solution was the best tool they have ever introduced for easier accounting process. The software was a big boost! 

MAY: Sage with Its Three Latest Features for Cloud Applications  

Sage, on 11 May, made big announcement about its three add-on features for cloud based applications. The manufacturer verified that these added features will definitely improve user-experience, functionality, lessen the need of administration, improve collaboration, and more. 

Multi-currency, time tracking, direct bank feeds are those features that had been added to the cloud-based sage software to amplify productivity of businesses with complex accounting requirements.    

JUNE: Sage’s Launch of Very New Software

In the middle of June 2016, Sage publicized its new software Sage HandiSoft Practice Management. The manufacturer assured that HandiSoft would be the most significant change in accounting for the customers in the local market. 

Also, with the combination of Salesfoce CRM with HandiSoft and functionality, the manufacturer tried to enable single data-base, single hub to access real-time data with improved speed. The software is the cloud version and new practice management application to make straightforward decision in accounting.

JULY: MYOB Integrates Direct Online System 

MYOB, in JULY, came up with a big declaration of introducing a new online payment system that offered SMEs completing payments through Visa Card and Master Card. This new system was called MYOB online which gave access of invoices that are delivered directly by the emails. 

The integration was aimed to help SMEs raise invoice and email it instantly to the customers. There is an option of automatic updates, which allows the accountants to get confirmed about the payment.

SEPTEMBER: Launch of QuickBooks 2017   

Launching of QuickBooks 2017 for desktop was one of the best news which came this year. The version consisted of new features and various improvements to the existing one. Some major areas of the improvement were scheduled reports, search improvements, security, enhanced enterprise quality, report customization etc. 

QuickBooks 2017 is 25th version of the accounting software. As predicted, the software came was launched in the second-half of September 2016 to allow businesses take benefits of featured accounting solution. QuickBooks launcher, with release of this latest version, planned to target technology lovers with either small or medium sized business.           

OCTOBER: Intuit Launches New Application For Self-Employed  

QuickBooks launched its very new application for the professionals. The app for self-employed individuals helped to manage business finances and had an aim to lessen accounting burdens. Use of the application allowed the users to manage their receipts, profits & loss, prepare invoices, track expenses and many more. 

Launched by QuickBooks, the application targeted 60 percent individuals interested in completing a series of business tasks through their smart phones. Intuit confirmed that the application would be able to provide further opportunities to accountants for managing their finances in better way.   

NOVEMBER: The Bookkeeping summit of Accountex 

Accountex, the independent accounting technology conference and expo held on November 15-18, 2016. It is a leading conference and expo in the accounting technology marketplace. The main motive to organize the summit was to provide nationwide bookkeepers detailed overview and training in accounting, practice management, networking with peers 24/7 on challenges, technology and many more. The experts shared their factual thoughts and informed about the opportunities in various fields of accounting.      
Accountants, finance professionals and bookkeepers were given the choices to select from more than 70 educational sessions. This independent global event was attended by over 1200 attendees and 125 exhibitors to get live training on various aspects related to accounting.  

December: QuickBooks 2017 R4 Updates Releases 

Intuit, in December 2016, announced its latest update of QuickBooks 2017 R4 for U.S. versions. This update was available as manual update from Intuit website. 

This update included a series of changes in the version- changes for 1099 Misc e-filing, improved scheduled reports feature, partial payments with QuickBooks payments, corrected bank feeds and more. 

Some additional changes in this release include show filters (filters applied to a report is visible on printed reports), search as you type, Online bill pay, QuickBooks help etc.  

Final thoughts-

Saying 2016 game-changing year would not be wrong in any way. It was the year of growth for accounting and bookkeeping industry. All these trends of 2016 had great impact on the overall process of business and businesses grippingly adopted these transformations to make miraculous growth. This is how the year was a lucrative time that offered abundant openings to different accounting firms and accounting professionals.

Besides, every year come up with many trends to shake up the system and avail new advantages to the industry and this is what we are expecting from 2017. Many trends, technological progresses, tools, applications, updates would be released to bring big picture of the advanced accounting. 

Techarex Networks, with superior cloud-based accounting solutions, is looking to upscale the benefits of services for people in accounting industry, professional accountants, small and medium-sized businesses. 

If you are looking for one-stop-destination for all you accounting needs or if you are planning to migrate your business to the cloud, contact Techarex Networks to know how we can help you grow.     

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How To Avoid Cyber Scams This Holiday Season

Small and medium size businesses are mostly prone to failure because of improper internal controls. Cyber fraud in one or the other form is the most prevalent internal issue that they face today.

Another reason behind small businesses becoming the victim of such frauds is their lack of adequate capital as well as technological resources that can help them protect their assets.

Internal theft by computer, unauthorized access to critical information systems, credit card fraud etc., are some of the major cyber scams prevalent these days. Auditors, business owners, and managers need to learn the way to avoid such scams from happening.

For this, it needs to be ensured that suitable controls are well in place in order to facilitate the prevention and detection of such scams. 

The Horrific Impact of Online Fraud                                                                                                                                       
There are different types of online scams or frauds. Some of these include phishing that use forged e-mails & websites in order to trick recipients. On receiving such fraudulent emails, the recipients may give out their personal information like credit card data, passwords and social security numbers.

Once all such critical information gets leaked, the user may have to suffer in different ways.
The person's social security number may be misused in several illegal ways while the credit card data may be used to make some unauthorized transactions as well.

By having at least slight technical advice and common sense, it will be possible for you to avoid the chances of occurrence of online fraud. In order to avoid being a victim of such scams, you need to follow a few tips. Let's take a look at some of the Do's and Dont's in this regard.

What you Must Do?

     Disable file sharing on your personal computer
     Always take extreme caution when opening attachments from unknown senders.
     Ensure familiarizing yourself with the privacy policy of the website you are browsing. This should be done, especially if you are prompted to provide your confidential/personal data.
     Review your credit card statements and bank statements regularly.
     Install & update your software firewall, anti-spyware and antivirus solutions. 
     Ensure keeping your Windows operating system as well as all your applications updated. 
     Always create strong passwords. Strong passwords typically include eight characters or more than that. You can use a unique combination of numbers, letters and symbols.
     Also protect the passwords carefully by using suitable password protection software. Such software encrypt passwords for secure storage, monitor them for unauthorized usage, and also notifies you whenever a website offers secure login capabilities.
     Lock your home mailbox.

What you Should Avoid

1. Do not provide your personal data to anyone either over phone or in person unless & until you are totally sure about the other party’s trustworthiness.

2. Do not give out your personal crucial information in response to following -

     Any email
     A website you are visiting through an external link
     A pop-up screen appearing on a real Web site.

Rather, you should open another browser window and straight away type the URL into the address bar in order to ensure that the site is legitimate.

3. Don’t ever keep your financial data on your laptops unless very necessary; laptops have far more probability of being stolen than desktops.

Following the instructions mentioned above will definitely help you avoid being a victim of cyber scam in the first place. However, if you do realize that you’ve become a victim of such fraud or cyber-crime, you need to report the same to proper authorities immediately. 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quickbooks Hosting Is The Smart Way To Do Accounting

Usually the accounting profession is slower than the other industries to pickup the rapid changes in technology. There are a number of accounting companies that are still have to wake up to avail the amazing opportunities offered by cloud accounting.

Indeed, QuickBooks hosting is the new way of accounting and it creates a better and more favorable accounting environment. It also prevents your from the frustration of dealing with the complex IT related snags that crop up that have nothing to do with the key responsibilities of an accountant.

It is quite common for the computers to crash when you are working on a crucial piece of work. With the QuickBooks' traditional desktop version, it is almost impossible to recover the data in an updated form. However, with QuickBooks Hosting services, the data is securely stored in real-time on various servers that are located in various locations across the world, and you will be able to recover the data easily and quickly and continue with your work. In that case, you will not face any sort of delay or nuisance. Hence, this is the smart way to do your accounting job.

QuickBooks Hosting service from Techarex Networks, the leading company in providing dedicated hosting with 24 by 7 supports will saves your time as well as money, and it also ensures maximum data protection and a faster data recovery. It provides a solution for your most complicated accounting requirements and assists you serving your clients better.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Add Items and Update Multiple Items in SharePoint 2013 Datasheet View

Have you checked the SharePoint 2013? The new DataSheet View comes loaded with tons of awesome new features such as adding items dynamically, Viewing Items Properties from the datasheetView, features to update multiple Items and so much more. The Datasheet View in SP2013 is considered more as a view for multiple editing of items. In the Custom list, users will have option to edit Items, which would open the list in the datasheet view for editing. But users will have to create the Datasheet view in the document libraries. 

Below is a quick look at the SharePoint 2013 Datasheet View new features:

Adding New Item

  • In the SharePoint 2013 Datasheet View, there are two ways to add an item to a list. Users will have the option to add single item in a list view, or multiple items in spreadsheet view.
  • Add a single item in list view by navigating to the site with the list on which you want to add an item.
  • Click on Settings SharePoint Online Public Website Settings button > Site contents, in the list section, choose the name of the list.
  • Select Settings SharePoint Online Public Website Settings button > Site contents, and then in the appropriate list section, select the name of the list.
  • Choose the items tab and select new item in the new group. 
  • Type the information you require for the list.
  • You can attach a file to the list item on the Edit tab, in the Action group, choose attach file, browse to locate the file you want to attach and click ok. 

Adding multiple items in SharePoint 2013 Datasheet View

  • Move to the site where the list you want to add an item.
  • Choose Settings SharePoint Online Public Website Settings button, click Site contents and select the name of the lint in the list section. 
  • On the top of the list, select edit. Type the information for the list.
  • Select Stop editing this list
  • If you want remove and information, click the ellipsis, next to the item and select Delete Item from the drop-down menu.

While adding multiple items in SharePoint 2013 Datasheet View, users can switch easily from list view to spreadsheet view by just selecting the View and Quick Edit commands respectively. And while adding an item in a list, a site can be modified in appearance and navigation, incase users cannot located certain options such as command, button, or link, contact your administrator.

Monday, September 12, 2016

SharePoint 2013 Branding using JavaScript

SharePoint 2013 Branding is the procedure of changing the appearance and impression of the SharePoint 2013 user interface using custom master pages, style sheets, images, JavaScript and jQuery. An excellent branding will lead you to improved content presentation, superior navigation, better appearance, additional browser support, allows responsive web design and increases user adoption. Additionally hiding fields is necessary to stop a spectator from viewing them and to let an administrator view across the world. It would be advantageous to have the JavaScript code and selectively apply it to a page. Nonetheless, till now everyone is restricted, no matter who they are. 
Moreover, SharePoint designer is the medium for serious SharePoint customisation. However, if we can apply this JavaScript within the SharePoint publishing feature framework, then SharePoint Designer is not essential. You can run it through the browser, which will eventually help to curb the expense which is needed for SharePoint Designer licensing, user training, governance training and customization. Lastly, one of the major problem is security. Any authentication reasoning depending on customer’s end, leads the JavaScript to manipulation which will be out of control. In such scenarios, JavaScript can be deactivated, or it can be played by debugging proxies such as fiddler.
If you want to opt for a long-lasting branding especially production, it is better to go for Visual Studio in order to generate a wsp package. In this way, you will have an installed package that can be reinstalled and used in test and dev. environment. It will also be easy for you to ensure that the package works before shifting to production. Additionally, you can use Java for modifying the objects. If you want to find the objects, you can use F12 – Developer Toolbar that is built into IE. Alternatively, you can use suiteBarLeft, suiteBarRight, suiteBrandingBox, DeltaSuiteLinks, suiteBarRight and RibbonContainer-TabRowRight which are part of the 2013 default objects.

Lastly, you need to activate both the site collection and site level to access. You can make some modifications to a team site's master page to revamp the appearance and texture of the site, there are numerous limitations to take into account. At the end of the day, everything depend on your requirements and the purpose of your site collection. If you would want to permit your users to modify the page layouts for their sites, including the ability for people to manage approval of these pages, you need to activate the publishing feature. All of these have different assets to be configured.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

SharePoint E-mail Integration - Are there Any Valid Reasons to go for it?

E-mails play a crucial role in business today. SharePoint email integration takes an equally important position in the corporate world. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons that make SharePoint email integration good and valid in the current time. 

The significance of e-mails in the corporate world is self-explanatory as these are omnipresent in everyone's business life - no matter whether the business is a small or big one. 

On an average, knowledge workers send & receive emails exceeding 25,000 per year. Additionally, they spend one to two hours every day reading & responding to the same. 

This issue has spread now to the large world of information governance because it has been estimated that 10 of such emails need to be classified in form of a record.

Following image depicts the potentially troublesome situation in regard to email records. 

SharePoint E-mail Integration

From this figure, it can be easily interpreted that how the situation exists for e-mail records. The data is based on results for an organization with 1,000 users. It can be noticed that 10 percent of all emails are classified as records. Total number of e-mail records per day comes out to be 12,600. Out of these, 8,800 e-mails were among the sent ones while 3,800 e-mails were received on a daily basis. 

SharePoint email integration can definitely be beneficial for any global organization. Let's discuss the reasons how that can be.

1. Compliance

As it has been revealed by almost every global organization, compliance is a major concern in the current time. This concern is especially of paramount importance for organizations with large amounts of sensitive data like payment information or health records. 

Data breach can have dangerous consequences on an organization and when it’s about e-mail the effects can be far worse. Hackers may deploy the data for wrong purposes causing a huge set back to your business integrity. 

Typically, huge amount of critical data cannot be sent in an e-mail due to size constraints. This may be a constraint for some users but may be a saver in case that e-mail gets hacked by unauthorized people.But in organizations, data is not just sent via attachments in e-mail but also as plain text. Hence, it becomes critical to safeguard every e-mail that goes out.

Luckily, there are tools in place for avoiding the situation which can be made use of while communicating your message via e-mail. 

Any sort of breach of an organization’s email can lead to catastrophic consequences. Hence, it’s a must for all employees to be aware of potential threats related to email compliance. Besides increasing chances of a potential breach, the most troublesome consequence of bad email governance relates to the threat of eDiscovery.  

So, following are the ways in which SharePoint email integration can help to solve these issues - 

By suitably classifying email and related attachment and then moving the same into SharePoint, you can manage the same properly
Records manager can have a better visibility to email records
It becomes possible to put through email records via suitable defensible disposition process

2. Employee Productivity

As we have already discussed above, employees spend almost 25 percent of their workday in reading and replying to the received emails. Besides that, an incredible amount of time is spent by employees in searching the correct document.

These are the two factors that collectively drain tremendous amount of productivity in almost every business unit. However, the good thing is that these issues can be effectively solved using the right blend of process improvement & technology.

SharePoint email integration allows your employees to make use of familiar workflows & products

Once your email records move into SharePoint, they get centrally located. This leads to ease in locating, managing and disposing the records as required.

Once your email records are in SharePoint, it becomes possible to automatically classify them like any other document

3. Complete Information Governance

No doubt, productivity & compliance are the two major concerns bearing the potential to save immense amount of time & money for any organization. 

However, it needs to be fully understood that complete information governance encompasses each of the following - 
Business unit

Nothing can cut across all these three lines like email does. Henceforth, effectively practicing information governance cannot be possible without including email. Following is what needs to be done in this regard - 

Make a deep analysis to understand the manner in which SharePoint email integration effectively fits into the larger picture. Also decide early who will be involved.
Suitably address gaps or inconsistencies existing in your process that are yet to be fixed. 

To conclude it can be said that SharePoint email integration definitely makes some sense and organizations must go for it just like they choose to go with dedicated SharePoint hosting considering its numerous benefits. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

VMware Virtual Appliance – Different Aspects Worth Knowing

A virtual appliance (VA) can be defined as a pre-configured virtual machine (VM) image file possessing a pre-configured operating system (OS) environment and having a single application.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

How to Use Pre- Fill Forms in QuickBooks

In order to avoid manual entry of the same data again and again, QuickBooks offers features to automate certain tasks. One is the Pre-fill forms with previously entered content. It was also known as auto recall setting.
How to turn pre-fill On and OFF
To turn it on or off follow the given mentioned steps:

Step 1:          Gear > Company Settings > Advanced > Pre-fill forms

                      with previously entered content.

For Example, you enter check number 72 to Matheson Utilities for $100:

Step 2:                        If you had turned pre-fill ON then create check 73.
Step 3:                        From the drop-down menu, choose Matheson Utilities as the vendor.
QuickBooks auto- populates all the fields based on check 72.

Step 4:            If you had turned pre-fill OFF, check number 73 would appear like, a blank check:

Forms affected by the pre-fill setting
The Pre-fill setting affects all the checks, bills, expenses, delayed credits, delayed charges, purchase orders, vendor credits, and credit card credits forms. All of these forms are located at Create (+) on the top of the QuickBooks screen.
On selecting a vendor, customer, or employee in these forms QuickBooks Hosting auto-populates the transaction (account, amount, and so on, except for the date field), based on the last saved transaction of that type for the specific person.
Turn pre-fill ON if:
·      Your Checks/expenses are entered for the same vendor assigned to the same expense account on a regular basis for example in a monthly utility bill.
No matter, if the dollar amount changes from month to month, it is still convenient of having the account and description filled in for you.

·      Your regular checks/expenses are split to the same multiple accounts, as shown in the figure:

Turn pre-fill OFF if:
·      You suppose to pay vendors for different things, for example, most of your checks/expenses to a specific vendor are for varied expense accounts or assigned to different customers and classes.

·      You have few checks/expenses splits into multiple accounts.

·      Your QuickBooks file is shared with other users, and you’re worried that the other user might forget to change the amount and by mistake record a duplicate of an original transaction instead of a new transaction.


·      If you want to  pre-fill an invoice, open the invoice you want to copy from,
then click More > Copy (at the bottom of the screen).

·      In order to auto recall a timesheet, open the timesheet, enter the vendor /employee whose timesheet you want to recall, set a new date, and then click Copy last timesheet (at the bottom of the screen).

·      To use the pre-fill setting frequently but not on a particular transaction, just click the Clear all lines button below the table.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Common Mistakes While Planning The Disaster Recovery Plans

A company’s disaster recovery planning is a tedious process. So try not to complicate it further than it is supposed to be by trying to do too much or figuring out a way of cutting corners. Careful planning is probably you’re only bet for a successful recovery.

Disaster Recovery

At the beginning of the New Year, many IT folks, perhaps even a few business managers try to resolve and take steps to avoid the interruption of events and handle the possible interruptions that can't be avoided at all. Basically, they decide on getting serious about data protection and disaster recovery Plan of the company planning for smooth operations.

Common sense about the necessity to distribute the budget, resources and time to the planning process could also be reduced by the market structure and hype around technologies such as server virtualization, data de-duplication, clouds, etc.

1. DR is not equal to high availability. For maximum companies, about 10% of workloads fall into the "always on" category.
2. All applications need not fit in one DR approach. A mutual corporate mistake in planningis to try toapply a one-size-fits-all data protection strategy. Always remember, “defense in depth."

3. Don't put in all your effort to back up everything. Expecting that all your data protection requiresbeing included in one backup process is again a common mistake. 

4. Do not overlook data that isn’t stored centrally. Forgetting about outlying data repositories is another common blunder. Not everythingis centralized in an enterprise or some complicated scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) boxes. Mission-critical data exists in branch offices, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and, gradually, smartphones. 

5. Avoid data mismanagementand infrastructure. One more mistake DR planning novices make is ignoring root causes of disaster, which is the lack of organization of data and infrastructure. 

6. Don't duplicate equipment configurations at the recovery site. Only a subsection of applications and data need to be re-instantiated succeedinganupsetting event, you don't essentially have to design a recovery environment matching your normal production on a one-for-one basis. 

7. Remember to fortify your WAN connections. Entrusting in WANs and underestimating the negative impact they can have on recovery timeframes is one of the other rookie error.

8. Don't trust your cloud provider too much. It is not as prominent as some of the above-mentioned pitfalls, placing too much conviction in a cloud service provider to deliver disaster application hosting or post-disaster data restoration makes it to the last place on the list of potential mistakes that enterprises make while chalking the company’s disaster recovery plan. One should plan touse a cloud to host your recovery environment and make sure that it has all the jazz listed in the brochure which includes a Tier-1 data center.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Finally SharePoint Server 2016 has been released as a Preview Installation

The good news for all the businesses out there is the SharePoint Server 2016 preview is released. The IT Preview has been planned, developed, and verified with the Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy. SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview is planned to help you succeed new levels of dependability, performance, supplying features and abilitiesto simplify administration, protect communications and facts, and empower customers while meeting their demands for better business mobility. You can choose from anout-datedin-house deployment, a hosted service with Microsoft Office 365 sites powered by Microsoft SharePoint Online, deployment in Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or a combination of these choices with a hybrid approach, allowing you to improveout-dated in-house scenarios with the modernization in the cloud. SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview forms the investments of previous SharePoint releases and helps in reducing IT expenses with a cloud inspired set-up and scalable collaboration platform, provides better handling risk by protecting your business with secure and reliable capabilities and delivers modern teamwork experiences across devices and screens.

The in-house version of SharePoint Server 2016 is exclusive in the Microsoft and includes most of the new features built in, and is used as the baseline for the in-house SharePoint Server 2016 product. Nevertheless, not all of its competencies will make it to the in-house version, but those that don’t will be presented as Office 365 Services, so you can control them from your in-house implementation. SharePoint Server 2016 will have functionality that will permit easy integration of Office 365, especially SharePoint Online, with your SharePoint Server 2016 in-house deployment. Ultimately, Microsoft understoodthat users wanted a hybrid approach, so SharePoint Server 2016 was planned to encourage and ease the implementation and management of a SharePoint hybrid solution. In order to install SharePoint Server Preview, you have to follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Firstly, review SharePoint Server 2013  system necessities
2. Secondly, you have to download and install full-featured software for a 180-day trial
3. When prompted, use the following product key: NQTMW-K63MQ-39G6H-B2CH9-FRDWJ

The installation procedure is comparatively straightforward but there are two things that might come as a surprise, especially to those who are trying to create a small SharePoint deployment. First, it's still possible to generate a single server deployment. Yet, single server deployments no longer use SQL Server Express. Hence, you are going to require a full-blown SQL Server even if you are installing only a single SharePoint Server.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Public Vs. Private Cloud for your Business

Different kinds of businesses have different sets of objectives and goals. To accomplish any goal or objective, there has to be a pertinent plan of action. For a business using cloud computing services for its growth across the internet, it is essential to have a spot on cloud computing. It can be either public, private or a shared cloud computing service.
The two most commonly employed cloud computing services are public and private cloud computing. Both have their own set of benefits. To have a better understanding of the two cloud computing services, read below:

Public clouds Public cloud works on the model of pay-per-usethat means that a client pays only for the resources they utilize and only for the time they use it.
Public cloud computing service allows users across the internet worldwide to access the assets and the resources of your business.
A Public cloud offers a multi-tenant environment with unlimited accessibility to the resources shared on cloud. On the entire cloud, with all the users, same ITA products and devices are shared, including hardware as well as software.
It is basically a self-managed system. The use of the available resources on the cloud is all dependent on the user and his or her requirement.

Private Cloud  A single team, organization or a client enjoys access to the business assets or resources.  A Private cloud offers a single-tenant environment with limited accessibility provided to its resources. It works as a closed domain of information meant primarily for the authorized users.
Since the resources are handy only to the members of the cloud, there is a safer and secured environment assured for the data assets and other resources being shared on the cloud.
Private cloud offers greater compliance than a public cloud.
Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) havebetter preference for a private cloud computing service for their business.
To encourage the deployment of cloud computing service for your business, there are several Cloud Computing Service Providers (CSPs) which offer free cloud hosting services to organization for a fixed period of time on contractual basis. This is to win over their confidence in investing money in cloud computing service for a better business growth on a larger spectrum on internet.
With the growing IT industry and the increasing need of online business expansion, it is essential that we keep upgrading our IT resources as per the latest developments. The businesses being operated on cloud need to update the type of cloud computing service they have engaged to make the most of the service for their business.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Manage Business Accounts with Sage 50

What is a Peachtree?

This is an application especially designed for Small and Medium businesses for their accounting requirements like integrating innumerable accounts payables and receivables, tracking banking transactions, preparing spreadsheets and managing invoices.

This Application is majorly used by construction contractors or subcontractors for functions like job costing, assets tracking, progress billing etc. For a single user, Peachtree system requires 1 GHZ processor and 512 RAM whereas, for multiple users, the minimum requirement is 1.8 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM.

It is easier to use automated accounting rather than manual bookkeeping.

This application is designed in such a way that even a non-accountant can easily use it. The standard operating principle is as simple as giving a quote to the customer, creating a job order and preparing an invoice.

To use this application one must configure the software in accordance to their business requirement. For each configuration it is essential that the user must run the setup wizard.
This application comes with several in-built features to cater to all accounting requirements. In the case of a small business setup, which needs lesser number of features, the owner has to pay for the entire Application, whether it is completely used or not.

What is Sage 50?

Sage 50 accounting is an Accounting Software to help with accounting and bookkeeping tasks by helping keep a track on the company’s expenditure and accounts receivables as well as payables in addition to managing payrolls.Using this software helps business stay compliant with the industry norms.

One of its major advantage is that one can access data from anywhere and from any system that has Sage 50 installed.

Since the entire data is stored on the desktop, accessing and working on this application becomes easy.

Maintaining payrolls and its add-ons in compliance with government rules is easy and minimise the risk of payroll penalties that occur as a result of using older tax slabs.

By using this Sage 50 Accounting software, one can make transactions via credit and debit cards. This feature help minimise calculation errors and duplicate entries.

Remember Peachtree? It’s now Sage 50 Accounting!Peachtree and Sage 50 Accounting is one and the same thing. This application is dynamic and user-friendly and one can perform same tasks on it. The company can increase its productivity and efficiency by installing this software and allow multiple users an easy accessibility to the same data.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fog Computing - Is it the Cloud's Future

Experts in the industry opine that Cloud may not be necessarily sufficient for meeting the rapidly increasing demands of current time. To counter this problem, fog computing will play a crucial role in the coming time as it involves extending the fundamental Cloud computing technology to a network's edge thus causing the end devices and datacenters to operate in a more seamless manner. Henceforth, fog computing can be seen as the extension of Cloud computing but almost replacing the parent technology due to its effectiveness.

So, what Fog Computing Stands for?

Fog extends the Cloud much closer to all things that not just produce but also act on Internet of Things (IoT) data. Deployment of such fog nodes or devices can be done anywhere within a specific network connection. A fog node can be any device having computing, storage, & network connectivity - examples of which include routers, switches, industrial controllers, embedded servers etc. Fog computing can be applied successfully when one or more of the following conditions are met -
·         Data collection occurs across the extreme edges
·         Data generation is happening by means of millions of sources
·         Very short time, almost less than a second, is available for analyzing and acting upon the data

What Advantages Fog Computing Brings Along?
       Better business agility - Developers will be able to develop fog applications quickly & accordingly deploy the same as per requirement.
·         Improved Security - By deploying physical security & cyber security solutions as deployed in your IT environment, it will be possible to safeguard fog nodes more efficiently.
·         More Useful Insights - Easily analyze all your mission-critical data locally rather than transferring it to Cloud for analysis purpose.
·         Reduced Operating Expense - Process sensitive data locally and conserve network bandwidth to bring down the operating expenses.

Fog Computing as Cloud's Future...

The Internet of Things generates two exabytes of data on a daily basis and fog computing offers Cloud that much-needed companion to effectively handle such data. Moreover, exploding data volume, velocity and variety has always been a big challenge and with fog computing this challenge is solved too as data is processed nearer to the source of its production. Also, round trip to the Cloud is eliminated as this advanced form of computing ensures accelerated response to events. Despite these interesting pros associated with fog computing, slow industry adaption will be one of the greatest limitations associated with it besides some unsolved questions on security as well. But undoubtedly fog computing will enjoy the leading edge over Cloud computing and hence it would not be wrong to consider it as the future of Cloud computing.