Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How Cloud Computing is Gaining Popularity with Call Centers

Cloud computing has gained immense popularity in almost all the sectors and now it is making an impact in call centers too. With such a pace through which the call centers are adopting Cloud computing, the rate will accelerate in next 5 years for sure. Also, they stated that there is some misunderstanding among the call centers regarding cloud computing; there is a lack of control, security concerns and high investments. Experts believe that cloud computing will grow and capture major area of the call center market. The call centers are on a swing due to lower cost.

The ways in which the cloud computing technology has affected call centers are below -


This is one of the best benefits of Cloud computing technology - that is an ability to pay for what you use and when you use the same. This applies to the call center and allows them to reduce the amount invested on maintenance and up-gradation of the conventional IT systems. This is also useful for off-site services, which implies that people at managerial position have the power to access any information, irrespective of the physical location.

Integration with Cloud Based Services

Earlier the companies need to buy the software and have to buy house coders to develop new ones that are not only time consuming but also expensive. In Cloud integration, there are multiple services like social media tools like Twitter and Facebook cost efficient and need minimal technical knowledge. Now many call centers have integrated the social networking sites while providing an extra channel of communication.

At the end, cloud computing technology has offered multiple opportunities to call centers to improve and extend the capabilities. 

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