Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Re-Inventing Cloud in the Enterprise: How to Achieve the Silver Lining?

There is one question that keeps evolving in the business industry and that is - why should the enterprises move data and applications into the cloud? Whenever a discussion happens on cloud strategy, the main issues include cost reduction, features of economies in infrastructure and even the applications. However, there is no one who can argue that this all is worthy and your business needs to be aware regarding cost reduction.

Whatever may be the topic of discussion, it is important that the cloud strategy must be comprehensive. The enterprises therefore need to extend their minds and take up the opportunities fruitful for the businesses.

The cloud is growing while the enterprises are moving up from storage and simple application hosting to embrace processes and business models, engineered for a cloud environment. Especially, when the processes span the boundaries from one enterprise to another and binding the links in between wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and customers.

The concept about which we are talking is entirely different just from saving dollars on storage. It is important to work with applications and platform vendors who have worked out much on how to support a cloud based business solution that is both flexible and secure for future.

After a long discussion with the businesses and marketers in the industry about ways in which they can implement the project, the companies came to know about much interesting ways to enhance their revenues.

If you want to know further much about more improved and impressive ways to reach to the target, you can read a recent report from Gartner that supports the perspective mentioned above. The way is tactical business solutions rather than just infrastructure replacements, which is essential to re-engineer the business processes to gain full potential of the cloud. 

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