Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Quick Overview of the Current Scene for Security in Cloud

Cloud security will remain to be a big issue in future unless service providers offering these services deploy fail-proof security systems that assure total security for the customer's data. However, the situation has been under control to some extent with service providers opting for advanced security measures. A recent survey has revealed that 64 percent enterprises favor Cloud infrastructure to be far more secured than legacy systems. Among the 300 survey participants, 36 percent voted Cloud to be more secure than legacy infrastructure while 28 percent said Cloud to be more secure. A rare 11 percent survey participants favored Cloud being less secure while 1 percent considered it to be quite less secure.

Absolute trust in the Cloudservice provider's capabilities is another big question mark that keeps enterprises still guessing. Had the Cloud service providers been competent enough to provide total security, there would have not been a question on adding extra layers of security. However, in the current scenario, a good number of respondents confirmed adding more security options to ensure total security of their data. Around three fourth of the total respondents confirmed deploying extra security options bedsides the custom security solutions provided by their vendor. A hefty amount in the range between $10,000-50,000 was reportedly being spent by such enterprises for deploying extra security solutions.

Irrespective of the results of the survey, Cloud infrastructure is quite secured enough due to the three features it offers including multi-faceted security, round-the-clock infrastructure monitoring and central management assuring updated security systems. In comparison to Cloud infrastructure, legacy systems are quite complicated to update as enterprises would require updating multiple security systems after scanning multiple platforms. So, legacy systems are lagging far behind when it comes to updates. As per the survey, companies consider security as the biggest challenge far ahead of problems of downtime, increased cost and training requirement. It gives a clear indication that Cloud service providers of the current industry need to focus more on strengthening the deployed security measures if they wish to win their customers’ trust.

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