Friday, April 15, 2016

Manage Business Accounts with Sage 50

What is a Peachtree?

This is an application especially designed for Small and Medium businesses for their accounting requirements like integrating innumerable accounts payables and receivables, tracking banking transactions, preparing spreadsheets and managing invoices.

This Application is majorly used by construction contractors or subcontractors for functions like job costing, assets tracking, progress billing etc. For a single user, Peachtree system requires 1 GHZ processor and 512 RAM whereas, for multiple users, the minimum requirement is 1.8 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM.

It is easier to use automated accounting rather than manual bookkeeping.

This application is designed in such a way that even a non-accountant can easily use it. The standard operating principle is as simple as giving a quote to the customer, creating a job order and preparing an invoice.

To use this application one must configure the software in accordance to their business requirement. For each configuration it is essential that the user must run the setup wizard.
This application comes with several in-built features to cater to all accounting requirements. In the case of a small business setup, which needs lesser number of features, the owner has to pay for the entire Application, whether it is completely used or not.

What is Sage 50?

Sage 50 accounting is an Accounting Software to help with accounting and bookkeeping tasks by helping keep a track on the company’s expenditure and accounts receivables as well as payables in addition to managing payrolls.Using this software helps business stay compliant with the industry norms.

One of its major advantage is that one can access data from anywhere and from any system that has Sage 50 installed.

Since the entire data is stored on the desktop, accessing and working on this application becomes easy.

Maintaining payrolls and its add-ons in compliance with government rules is easy and minimise the risk of payroll penalties that occur as a result of using older tax slabs.

By using this Sage 50 Accounting software, one can make transactions via credit and debit cards. This feature help minimise calculation errors and duplicate entries.

Remember Peachtree? It’s now Sage 50 Accounting!Peachtree and Sage 50 Accounting is one and the same thing. This application is dynamic and user-friendly and one can perform same tasks on it. The company can increase its productivity and efficiency by installing this software and allow multiple users an easy accessibility to the same data.

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