Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Simple But Effective Safety Measures To Secure Your Company’s Financial Data

Company’s financial records are the most important things to determine its position and growth.  It helps you to maintain smooth operations for the business and develop huge profits with no inflexible endeavors.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain proper security for financial records. Security is important not only to keep data away from unwanted hands but also for unforeseen circumstances.

Once you lose the records, it becomes hard for you to achieve lost profits. So, what are the best practices to go for the data security? How can you be stress-free by keeping the records at the safe place?  How can you be sure that all sensitive information does not go for wrong use?

In this blog post, you will read crucial techniques that you can adopt to save data and access it freely. Take a look at the practices that you should consider-

Create Access Restriction Features to the Company Data
If you have a big organization with sensitive information, QuickBooks enterprise is the suggestion. Prepared with ultra-high technology, the accounting software comprises features to keep all data saved.
You can enable restricted access to data in a particular number of people. Not only this, you can only restrict access of components depending on the user’s login.
Restricted access is possible with QuickBooks enterprise. All you need to do is modify user permission to preserve crucial components of your financial records. So, give access to a few people (CEO, Accountant, CFO and other) and avoid getting your company information misused.
Intuit’s QuickBooks is an excellent software with this best practice of data security and user access management. If you have not gone for QuickBooks enterprise, go with it and take a big step towards ceaseless business profits.
Go for the Accounting in a Dedicated Space for More Security 

Company financial records are confidential of course. The person handling financial matters should have privacy and restriction from unauthorized parties. Involvement of any other person can be a loss!  QuickBooks enterprise hosting can help you in this matter. You can provision user based, role based access restrictions or grant only the accountant to access the data privately in a dedicated space.

QuickBooks values preservation of all facts, figures, elements and other components of your company data.  The accounting software with best hosting services allows your accounting staff and specific individuals to always to view the information.

Therefore, you do not need to lock the computer and restrict one for not looking at the computer screen. This is the potential advantage you get by best accounting solution in the United States.

The software has many features. It keeps management and accounting staff in a separate area and helps your business to be run safely. So, you can allow all employees to work in the same place, but in a different manner.

Be Specific While Selecting the Cloud Hosting Service Provider 
You should not take the risk of keeping the data in your local office as it can be a big risk to your business. Since you use QuickBooks enterprise, your data is in safe hands. But, there is no surety for outside influences or natural disasters like flood, tsunami, fire, earthquake, hurricane and burglary.
In that case, you need to get a backup of the company data and save it to multiple, secure locations for re-use. Storing huge amount of data at multiple locations needs a lot of expense and equipment too.
Choosing QuickBooks hosting services from a right destination can help you deal with it. Besides, you can go with Techarex Networks.
Techarex Networks takes security as major concern and ensures high level of data safety governed by industry endorsed security policies built on very secure architecture in the regulatory compliant datacenters. It has multiple datacenters where your data is kept safe. Your daily data is backed up within every 24 hours and synchronized at all data centers. These data centers are equipped with biometric and keycard access to allow access to specific individuals. Techarex Networks has a team of highly qualified individuals who are always ready to help you out with any QuickBooks or cloud products, managed services related issues or requirements.
Consider these important safety measures to run your business with zero hassles and complete peace of mind.

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