Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to Building Your Cloud Toolbox

As more and more accountants are taking leap into the cloud along with integrating more tools to work together, now there is a need to know about building cloud toolbox. These tools are tech savvy and help to bring more customers to the business.

Here are some key points to consider while building cloud toolbox:

Pick Up Your Niche

It is not possible that you choose your tools depending on your customers needs as they may vary from each other. As now, there are hundreds of applications and not just one or two to meet your needs. If you think that you can end up with a conglomeration of dozen of applications, that would be an expensive affair in almost all terms including research, testing, implementing and training.

The best way is to choose a customer niche, whose members need more or less the same tools. Only then, you can be an expert in handling a handful of tools for your customers.

You are the Expert

To be an expert in the domain, you need to understand your clients’ need and if you are capable to understand it, you are an expert. To meet their demands, ask them lot of queries related to their business, processes and the desired result. On that basis, research and implement a tool that brings them a desired result.

Get to know more about latest technology tools approached by other experts in the domain and use them to stay ahead.

Process is the Top Priority

Process needs to run properly to make everything smooth in the business. Process sometimes gets critical to attain success in the business, so in case a tool conflicts, the experts don’t adopt the tool until it can. For the smooth process, research for the tools already used in the business industry, test them in the firm to find out what would look the best for clients and the business and save the best for each function. Now the toolbox is ready.

Last, but not the least, feedback is important so ask to your clients about the performance of toolbox. 

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