Friday, February 12, 2016

Survey Reveals Six Cloud Computing Services Deployed by Most Organizations

Public and private clouds have been at the epicenter of most organizations' Cloud requirements; however, hybrid Cloud has also fetched the interest of many enterprises. You may be amazed to know that current enterprises are deploying a minimum of six different Clouds - a key fact revealed after surveying 1,060 technology managers.

Such multiple cloud adoption is purely the willingness of such businesses to attract different sources of expertise. Out of these six, 3 each of Public & Private Clouds are being deployed. Analyzing the breakup of this Cloud adoption strategy reveals 1.5 public clouds & 1.7 private clouds being deployed for running business applications. Besides that, 1.5 public clouds & 1.3 private clouds are for experimenting as per the survey reports. 

Survey’s Crucial Findings Revealed…

As per the survey, 82 percent enterprises have a strategy to deploy multiple Clouds while those planning for hybrid Cloud include 55 percent enterprises. As is clear from the picture, the percentage of enterprises looking to adopt multiple public clouds has swollen by 3 percent. However, percentage of enterprises looking to adopt multiple private clouds has gone done by 3 percent.
Private Cloud has been the first choice of enterprises with employees in excess of 1,000 while Public Cloud remains dear to SMBs with employees usually less than 1,000. Another fact revealed from the survey indicates the comfort level of enterprises while working with Cloud. It’s due to the reason that security, a major concern/challenge in Cloud hosting, has been handled well by current genre of service providers. 

The survey also reveals lack of resources as the top concern for most technology managers as 32 percent confirmed the same. Cloud security has though been the top concern of only 17 percent Cloud deploying enterprises. Cloud cost management came out to be another major challenge for 26 percent (compared to 18 percent in 2013) technology managers.

The Vendor Marker Witnesses a High Too…

Considering the vendor market of cloud computing services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) leads the space with MS Azure gaining the second spot. 57 percent technology managers deploy AWS; while 17 percent deploy Azure IaaS and 13 percent deploy Azure PaaS. Adoption rate for VMware VCloud Air Public Cloud swell to 7 percent while figures for Google's App Engine and IBM SoftLayer stands at 7 percent each. VMware vSphere/vCenter has been the leader in private cloud space with adoption rates figures increasing by 11 percent while OpenStack stands second with adoption figures rising by 6 percent.

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