Friday, June 17, 2016

How to Use Pre- Fill Forms in QuickBooks

In order to avoid manual entry of the same data again and again, QuickBooks offers features to automate certain tasks. One is the Pre-fill forms with previously entered content. It was also known as auto recall setting.
How to turn pre-fill On and OFF
To turn it on or off follow the given mentioned steps:

Step 1:          Gear > Company Settings > Advanced > Pre-fill forms

                      with previously entered content.

For Example, you enter check number 72 to Matheson Utilities for $100:

Step 2:                        If you had turned pre-fill ON then create check 73.
Step 3:                        From the drop-down menu, choose Matheson Utilities as the vendor.
QuickBooks auto- populates all the fields based on check 72.

Step 4:            If you had turned pre-fill OFF, check number 73 would appear like, a blank check:

Forms affected by the pre-fill setting
The Pre-fill setting affects all the checks, bills, expenses, delayed credits, delayed charges, purchase orders, vendor credits, and credit card credits forms. All of these forms are located at Create (+) on the top of the QuickBooks screen.
On selecting a vendor, customer, or employee in these forms QuickBooks Hosting auto-populates the transaction (account, amount, and so on, except for the date field), based on the last saved transaction of that type for the specific person.
Turn pre-fill ON if:
·      Your Checks/expenses are entered for the same vendor assigned to the same expense account on a regular basis for example in a monthly utility bill.
No matter, if the dollar amount changes from month to month, it is still convenient of having the account and description filled in for you.

·      Your regular checks/expenses are split to the same multiple accounts, as shown in the figure:

Turn pre-fill OFF if:
·      You suppose to pay vendors for different things, for example, most of your checks/expenses to a specific vendor are for varied expense accounts or assigned to different customers and classes.

·      You have few checks/expenses splits into multiple accounts.

·      Your QuickBooks file is shared with other users, and you’re worried that the other user might forget to change the amount and by mistake record a duplicate of an original transaction instead of a new transaction.


·      If you want to  pre-fill an invoice, open the invoice you want to copy from,
then click More > Copy (at the bottom of the screen).

·      In order to auto recall a timesheet, open the timesheet, enter the vendor /employee whose timesheet you want to recall, set a new date, and then click Copy last timesheet (at the bottom of the screen).

·      To use the pre-fill setting frequently but not on a particular transaction, just click the Clear all lines button below the table.

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