Wednesday, September 13, 2017

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 : Top New Features in QuickBooks

Intuit is all set to launch QuickBooks Desktop 2018.
And, there is a rising curiosity among everyone to know what new features Intuit will offer.
Since past few days, accountants and our several readers are continuously asking us about what all they can expect from QuickBooks Desktop 2018.
To answer all the queries and put your desperation to the rest, in this blog post we will look at all the new features of QuickBooks Desktop 2018.
Let’s begin.
Newly Added Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

Chart-of-Accounts Search-Box
Several times you may have faced hassles while searching for specific Chart-of-Accounts (COA) because earlier versions of QuickBooks did not have “Search Box”.
In the QuickBooks Desktop 2018 version, Intuit, however, comes with all inclusive Chart-of-Accounts Search-Box, which will definitely ease your COA search.

Remain Logged-in

With earlier versions of QuickBooks Desktop, you needed to log in every time you switched or opened another file.
However, QuickBooks Desktop 2018 version offers an option to remain logged-in every time when you move to another file.

New Multiple Monitor Support Feature

Intuit has exactly done what many customers have been repeatedly asking for.
Yes, with QuickBooks Desktop 2018, you can work on multiple monitors at the same time and there will be no longer need for switching from one monitor to the another.

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This new feature will surely enhance the overall efficiency of professionals who work on more than 1 monitor.

Past Due Stamps on Invoices

With current versions of QuickBooks, are you facing hassles while identifying past due invoices or sending reminders to your customers regarding overdue payments?
If yes, you don’t need to worry anymore. QuickBooks Desktop 2018 comes with the feature of Past Due Stamps on Invoices, using which you can easily filter and identify past due invoices and also get them printed in PDF format.

Cash/Accrual Toggle on Reports

As of now, with earlier versions of QuickBooks, such as QuickBooks 2016 or 2017, you may be going through a real tough time for changing or customizing your financial reports.
But, in all new QuickBooks Desktop 2018, Intuit has added Cash/Accrual Toggle by which making any changes or customization of financial reports will become a cake walk.

Payroll Liability Reminder

If you are bad in remembering specific dates when payments need to be made than here is the real remedy.
QuickBooks Desktop 2018 comes with Payroll Liability Reminder that keeps you alerting 7 days prior to payroll deadlines.

Enhanced Inventory Reports

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 version comes with the additional feature of Enhanced Inventory Reports, which will allow you to easily customize different needed columns within Assembly Shortage of Items, Inventory Valuation Summary and Inventory Status of Items reports.
However, there is a small exception. QuickBooks Desktop 2018 ‘s Pro edition will not have this feature.

Webmail Users: Secure Webmail

The all new QuickBooks Desktop 2018 comes with an enhanced security feature. Earlier versions of QuickBooks relied on SMTP technology, that webmail providers do not consider safe and secure anymore.
The enhanced QuickBooks Desktop 2018 uses OAuth 2.0 specifications which are highly secure and safe.
While using webmail in QuickBooks Desktop 2018, you will also don’t need to log in again and again, instead, you will just need to log in using your credential only once during setup.

Sales Order Fulfillment

Keeping an eye on the real time information on sales order fulfillment is now easy with QuickBooks Desktop 2018.
Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet can now be used with scanners, android applications and even manually.

Merge Multiple Vendors

To ease your vendor management, QuickBooks Desktop 2018 has a special feature called Merge Multiple Vendors.
By using this feature, you can merge multiple vendors (maximum 4) in a go.
At the same time, you can also retain the master list of the vendor for any future usage.

Summing Up

Intuit has really worked on customer feedbacks and the new age business needs. QuickBooks Desktop 2018 will surely be a game-changer in managing financial reports and at the same time will ease down several criticalities that accounting professionals face in their day-to-day life.
In case, you want to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2018 version or want to avail our QuickBooks Hosting services, feel free to contact us. We also have special offers waiting for you.

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