Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Skills Every SharePoint Administrator Must Know

Are you thinking to be a SharePoint administrator? It is quite hard to learn the skills, unless someone has an interest in the area. It’s a complicated technology that needs you to focus on the course from beginning; else you may fail to attain the target. It is important to have a basic knowledge regarding troubleshooting. In the absence of such basic knowledge, it is not possible to troubleshoot the technology. 

When someone plans to implement SharePoint, the role and responsibilities come in mind. Here are some of the technologies that a SharePoint administrator must know:

  • DNS

To understand how to look up the hostnames for web application, it is important that you must have knowledge regarding DNS. Besides, the SharePoint administrator can also look up troubleshooting issues with nslookup. 
  • Active Directory 

A SharePoint administrator needs to have a basic understanding of active directory. In case, he/she needs to work with users or has to manage user profile service, it is important for him/her to have in-depth knowledge of active directory. 
  • Virtualization 

He/she needs to provide details on how virtualization can make an impact on the SharePoint, in case it is needed for SQL servers and SharePoint servers. 
  • Troubleshooting Experience 

IT systems include multiple ways to solve problems and troubleshooting. As SharePoint is built on different components and technologies, it is important that the administrator must have skills to resolve application and performance problems. He/She must know where to look out for issues and handle them easily. 
  • PowerShell Experience 

Being an administrator, you can deploy and manage entire Microsoft server products with Powershell. This is a powerful tool needed for scripting and repeated SharePoint installation. 
  • Experience in .NET Development 

SharePoint is based on .NET web application and there may come a condition when having knowledge or idea about this background may help a lot. Moreover, if you have an idea about debugging and programming, you can easily track or identify the errors. 
So, if you are thinking to be the SharePoint administrator, you can be a successful one only after developing such skills. 

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