Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Is Quickbooks Online the Best Accounting Software

Are you still using the old tools and techniques to manage your entire accounting? If yes, QuickBooks is a perfect solution to accomplish the job in less time while saving bucks on the employees. The software has lots of functions and all of them are quite beneficial. 

It’s not just an updated version of excel but has more features that can increase your business profits. 
Here are some of the great features of the product: 


When you get paid for the services, this is quite beneficial. QuickBooks Hosting track the cash or amount that your business make, so that you can better take decisions and generate more profits in the business. To do this, invoicing is the best solution. By putting them on the top of the QuickBook, you can pay back easily and maintain the records of payments. Also, the software link to the Intuit payment mode and therefore it allows the customers to pay you directly. 

You can email invoices directly to the clients, who can further pay back you online. The software update the content automatically on the system immediately after payment is made.

Mobile Expense Tracking 

Most of the purchases happen during business hours that may be small but needs to maintain records. QuickBooks work with mobile camera and you can capture the receipt while you are on the go. You can tag and file the receipts on the phone. 

Accessible from Remote Location 

By allowing remote access from multiple locations, it makes it possible for the accountants to check out the books even when you are on a vacation or a tour for business purpose. 

Income Tracker

Income tracker is an advanced tool in the software allowing the user to check out invoices that have not been paid. So, you can check out that through a simple report. With this, you can easily resend open invoices and print the list of transactions. 

This is perfect software for almost everyone involved in the job of handling matters related to finance. In fact, Intuit has made it popular by adding more features to the product. With a little bit of practice, the user can use tools and get a grasp on day to day operations. These features turn the QuickBooks the best online accounting software

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