Monday, September 14, 2015

Why the next version of SharePoint will work best in a Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft always comes up with the latest version of SharePoint and recently it has introduced SharePoint 2016. It has new features and advanced qualities that make it work best in the cloud. 

The beneficial features of SharePoint include support to large files up to 10 GB. Along with, it has a new app launcher that makes it possible for users to open applications and access them from the navigation bar inside the SharePoint. In this manner, SharePoint has simplified the controls of sharing files and folders. 
Adding on, the release also improves the experience of Smartphone users with controls that support the touch in a better manner. The hybrid cloud makes it possible to utilize both on-premises and cloud components as it best fits in the business. 

What else you can expect from SharePoint 2016?

By using this, you can improve collaboration and enhance productivity in the workplace. Besides, Microsoft has added further features:

Document Sharing 
When someone has to share links or any document with outsiders, it might be difficult in other versions of SharePoint. But in this, you can share the content on cloud through multiple devices. Moreover, video sharing also becomes easy through video sharing portal. 

Improved versions have a search option enhancing experience. The users of Office 365 are finding it the best and ultimate choice to get desired and relevant results. The user can expect more recommendations to create defined and personalized search result. 

Business Intelligence
Power business intelligence will be the major key point to draw the attention of SharePoint online customers. In fact, the new version has improved a lot. 

So, with all these and other amazing features, you can take an advantage of private and public cloud in a single package and recover data. 

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